Why My Dog is Shaking? 6 Reasons Why Your Dog is Shaking & Acting Weird

My Dog Is Shaking? something like this is really a weird sight, watching the dog shake, also known as trembling or shivering, especially during the summer months.

Humans understand tremor as a sign to stay cool, but it is a little different for a dog. There are six chances for a dog to tremble.

This article goes through the most common cause and a rare cause of your dog trembling. From there, you can work out exactly why your dog is shaking.

Dogs tremble mainly to send out increased energy throughout the day and usually appear late in the day.

If your dog is overly aroused, anxious, or frightened, there are other changes to consider, such as a cold, illness, or old age.

Here are six possible causes for your dog to shiver. Here we run everything to find out what applies to your dog.

1. Your dog is in pain

dog is shaking

This can explain the abruptness of your dog’s strange behavior. Tremor and chills are a symptom of various health conditions and diseases.

Your dogs may be affected by a viral infection or begin to experience the effects of arthritis, such as arthritis, as they age.

Your dog may also be in pain due to food poisoning. Unfortunately, innocent food like chocolate is very toxic to dogs and can lead to physical weakness and tremors.

If tremors are accompanied by other health symptoms (such as vomiting), take your dog to the vet immediately.

2. Your dog has Cushing’s disease

 Cushing's disease in dogs

Cushing’s disease can cause tremors. In most cases, dogs develop this condition when a tumor forms in the pituitary gland. The tumor gland causes it to produce too much cortisol, which can cause your dog to behave somewhat sluggishly.

Your dog may also start drinking more water, eating more, and urinating more often. Cushing’s disease is more common in middle-aged and senior dogs.

3. Your dog is anxious or stressed

Dog is Shaking

Your dog will tremble profusely when faced with a stressful situation. For example, they may be frightened by the loud noise of fireworks or thunder, or they may be stressed out in a new environment where there are many strangers.

In some cases, you can train your dog to handle stressful situations well. Among others, your veterinarian may prescribe anti-anxiety medications in preparation for stressful periods or try to use a Dog Anxiety Jacket.

4. Your dog is in heat (If Female dog)

Your female dog will randomly tremble when hot (accepted for intercourse). Infertile female dogs usually go through the hot season twice a year.

A dog in the heat becomes fickle, looks more nervous, and urinates more often.

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There are a few steps you can take to soothe a dog in the heat. You can give the dog more exercise to get rid of the extra energy, you can give her gifts or compliments any time she is calm and you can even leave some toys and treats to keep her busy.

5. Your dog suffering from too cold

Yes, your furry friend can be cool too, especially if they have short hair. Like us, dogs’ bodies tremble when body temperature drops to raise more heat. You may notice more frequent tremors after visiting the dog breeder.

Now maybe a good time to get warm doggie sweaters for your dog. If your dog already has some clothes and the shivering does not subside, you should see a veterinarian immediately.

6. Your dog is suffering from excess heat

Dog is Shaking

If Your dog is shaking or having shivers and trembling, it could be the effect of heat exhaustion. This can happen if your dog engages in high-intensity exercise in the middle of the summer. Dogs release most of their body heat through sweating.

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Protect your dog from the heat, by giving him plenty of opportunities to drink cold water and by giving him more time to rest in a shady place when outdoors.

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