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Germanshepherddog.info is open for guest posts – and by submitting a guest post you could gain exposure, inbound links, and relevant readers via organic traffic.

About Us: Germanshepherddog.info has been covering the Pets industry daily with in-depth and actionable guides, tips, trends, and insights – plus analysis, problems, and solutions related to dogs.

Requirements for guests posts | Write for Us

  • Minimum 500 words per article.
  • Do-follow links can be allowed in the article and contact us for details and terms. Nothing “spammy” though.
  • Relevant in-post links are allowed, but not too many.
  • The article must be exclusive for Germanshepherddog.info and is not to be posted elsewhere.
  • Affiliate links might be allowed, as “no-follow” links, but not for products/services already being advertised on Germanshepherddog.info (again, not too many in-post links, please).

All articles are subject to approval by Germanshepherddog.info and in case it is rejected, you will be notified so you can use the article elsewhere if you like.

If any changes are required to the article, either by you or Germanshepherddog.info, you will be notified before we publish it.

How to submit a guest post…

The best way to submit a guest post is to contact us first at [email protected] and let us know your idea.

You’ll usually get a reply within 24 hours and if we like it, you can either go ahead and submit the article or begin writing it.

Please attach the article via e-mail in either a text/Word document with all the links included. Simple HTML versions are allowed too as this will make it even easier for us to simply copy/paste the article.

You can contact our content writing partner for any support in the content, they are specialized in dog niche content.

In the meanwhile you can check out the sample format of our articles

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