Why isn’t My Male Dog Interested in Mating?

Before we discuss the male dog mating issues, we need to understand that unlike humans, dogs do not mate for pleasure.

When the Bitch goes into the heat, she releases a scent that attracts the male.

The rest of the time, male dog don’t really have a special interest.

Apart from that not all studs are proven. In order for successful canine mating to produce offspring, both female and male dogs need to be stimulated and prepared for coitus action, also known as capillary tie.

If you do not know how to attach the chosen female partner to your male dog, you should assess the situation.

Why can’t your male dog mate?

  • Uninterested – Does Your Stud Dog Engage With Bitches?
  • Mounting Issues – Is it difficult to mount your Sire game?
  • Challenges During the Tie – Did the Stud Ejaculate in Females?

As you can see, these problems are very different in nature and the solutions are radically different.

Uninterested males may need a little dirt or incentive, but the growing problem is not technically solved due to size differences.

In the meanwhile, we suggest the below male stud performance supplement for best results.

Why isn't My Male Dog Interested in Mating?

My male dog is not able to mount the female dog

The first time dog companions, believe it or not, may not know what to do with him.

According to Dog Ideas, dogs that have not been mated before are said to be “proven”. Succeeding with the help of dogs means having the help of an experienced breeder to show you the ropes.

male dog mating
dalmatian mating with German shepherd in street

If you ever think, “My male dog does not know how to coexist”, its true if the dog has never mated before.

If you are breeding dogs registered with the American Kennel Club, then the litter may also be AKC registered.

If the dogs are registered with the AKC, you will have a better understanding of each parent’s genetics and pedigree, so you can make choices to make sure you are not breeding with a dog that has the disease or other unwanted genetic traits.

The first step in successful mating is keeping the male and female dog at the right time. Female dogs get into heat in a cycle similar to that of human females.

At this point, their body is absorbed and ready to become pregnant. A female dog begins to bleed on the first day of her cycle.

Sometimes, it is easy to miss today if the bloody discharge is mild. After the cycle begins, count the days. Then, introduce the dogs on the eighth day of the female heat cycle.

My Male Dog is not Interested in the Female Bitch

Male dog mating may not be a big issue, in some cases, males or females may not be interested. For females, this naturally happens according to her heat cycle.

When the female begins her ovulation and produces viable eggs, she becomes interested (and becomes available) for mating in the second stage of the heat cycle (i.e. estrus).

In general, the male dog will always respond to such progress and will have no problem completing the task.

Why isn't My Male Dog Interested in Mating?

At other times, the male dog is not interested. This is a very rare case.

A female dog shows her male counterpart that she is interested in copulating by flagging her desired partner.

In doing so, a female dog tends to show its hind end to the male. From there, a male dog usually proceeds by action.

However, in such cases where the male dog is not interested, he ignores her signs. He might even show some curiosity by walking around her and sniffing her, however, he would not make a move or show interest in the act.

The fact that a man is not interested in having sex with a bitch can actually be due to a number of reasons.

Most often, it is due to their inexperience. In these rare cases, a male dog is about to perform his first coitus operation and, having no prior experience with the female, may not know what to do.

This is due to the fear, as well as stress, in the stud dog for the first time.

For a successful copulation to take place, it is recommended that both dogs stay calm throughout the entire process.

Any kind of stress applied to the dog will interfere with the natural flow of events and the event will have to be postponed.

For example, often, dog owners are seen standing around.

They do it to oversee the action or it could be their follower of curiosity or “wanting to control things”. It should be avoided as it can provoke anxiety in dogs.

To deal with this effect, it is a viable solution for the two dogs to meet before the planned date of the coyote so that they can get acquainted with each other and relax completely when the day of mating comes.

Never interrupt your dog during the entire process of a capillary tie. Don’t call it that, don’t look insistent. Be smart.

what happens if a male dog doesn’t mate

Dogs can coexist with each other – and should be allowed, your dog can definitely live without intercourse! In short, if he or she is unable to coexist it will never harm your dog.

It is important to recognize that spade and neutered dogs can live as long as they are with other unresolved children.

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In other words, it does not harm your dog, male or female. Spade females and neutral males lived as healthy and longer as other dogs.

If you are worried about hormone deficiency, you may have the option of vasectomy for men or ovarian-spare space for women. Talk to your veterinarian about options.

How Old Does a Dog Have to Be to Breed

The age at which dogs reach sexual maturity depends largely on their breed. Smaller species mature faster than larger species.

However, on average, males become fertile after the age of six months and reach full sexual maturity in 12 to 15 months.

Healthy stud dogs can be sexually active and fertile until old age. Adult males can coexist at any time.

Why isn't My Male Dog Interested in Mating?

Bitches have their first estrus (also known as season or heat) after six months of age, although it can occur from 18 months to two years of age.

Estrus’s life is repeated over a period of about six months until the end. During estrus, the female is fertile and accepts the male.

She should not raise the bitch in her first season.

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