Why Do Dogs Like Sticks?

Dogs like sticks because they offer a tactile experience that is different from other types of toys. When a stick is bitten or chewed it can be difficult for dogs to stop themselves from playing with it. This physical activity keeps them mentally and physically active which is good for their overall health.

Dogs like sticks for many other reasons.

  • For one, sticks are easy to grab and hold, which can make them a favorite toy for dogs of all ages
  • Secondly, sticks can be used as an everyday object to explore and investigate
  • Thirdly, sticks can act as a training tool, teaching dogs how to sit, stay, or come when called

Why Do Dogs Like Sticks?

We’ll never know why dogs love sticks until we can teach them to talk or read their minds. Some dogs are completely uninterested in sticks, while others are obsessed with them and try to drag them around the largest branch they can find. So, what is it about sticks that dogs find appealing?

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Some believe it’s because sticks are shaped like bones. Although they are both quite long, that is about all they have in common. Sticks won’t taste or feel like bones, but carrying a stick around may appeal to your dog’s primal hunting instinct.

Dog Toy from Nature

A stick is nature’s dog toy that comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing your dog to search for and find the perfect stick for their preferences regardless of size.

In fact, your dog may seek out a stick of a similar size on every outing. Typically, it’s the size that they prefer—whether massive, barely there, or somewhere in between, it’s what feels best in their mouth in terms of diameter, weight, and length.

Why are sticks so appealing to dogs?

While no one knows for certain where their fondness for foraging stems from, here are a few theories:

  • Because of their size and shape, sticks remind your dog of a bone.
  • Their wooden sponge-like texture is ideal for chewing.
  • Dogs enjoy foraging and discovering treasures, and sticks are readily available.
  • The sticks feel like a reward for the effort of walking through the woods.
  • Sticks have a musky, earthy scent of woodlands and wild animals that your dog will enjoy.
  • One of the primary motivators for the behavior could be a dog’s desire to have something in their mouth.

Should You Stop your dog carrying a Stick?

What should happen to the stick once you’ve returned home or to the car? Should you, for example, allow your dog to keep his stick and chew on it?

It is perfectly acceptable to carry it. On the other hand, advises against allowing your dog to chew on the stick. Chewing on sticks is a great natural way to remove tartar from teeth and keep the mouth healthy, but they can splinter and break into pieces that are small enough to swallow but too large to pass through the GI tract.


Is your dog’s backyard stick pile out of hand? Concerned that Fido is not only chewing but also eating sticks? Only you can decide whether you want to allow your dog to play with sticks in your home. Follow the simple steps outlined in this article to replace an old habit with a new one!

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