Red Sable German shepherd Puppy Vs Belgian Malinois: A Quick Look

Red Sable German Shepherd Puppy and Belgian Malinois look very similar by appearance, especially during the puppy stage.

Both Breeds are active, highly trainable dogs that are used for breeding, military and police, work for sheep and other livestock, and work best with experienced dog owners.

So what are the differences?

Because of their similarity, color and fur coat and especially during the puppyhood, they often misunderstand each other. However, they are different in many ways, especially in relation to behavior, lifestyle and physical characteristics.

Sable German shepherd Puppy
A three-month-old, sable-colored, pedigreed German shepherd puppy in her first snow. Source Gettyimages

Though Red sable German Shepherd and Belgian Malnois have similar appearance but In general, German shepherds are less aggressive and have a slower attacking speed compared to the Belgian Malinois, but at the same time, the Belgian Malinois is small in size compared to GSDs.

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In this article, we will discuss some important differences between the two species, but first, let’s learn about each one.

Overview of Red Sable German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois.

German Shepherd

The Red Sable German Shepherd is known as the original dog since it shares DNA with its wolf ancestors. The sable German shepherd is the dominant gene of the German Shepherd breed. Sable GSD is also the only color that exactly matches the dog’s founding member’s ideology of a true German shepherd dog.

Red Sable German Shepherd
Red Sable German Shepherd Puppy

Red sable German shepherd will have a similar look to Belgian malinois but this looks a little reddish when observed very closely.

Belgian Malinois

These dog friends were first bred as cattle breeding dogs. Today, the Belgian Malinois can be seen actively serving as guard dogs, police dogs and friendly family companions. Powerful and athletic dog short fur and fan color. Originally bred in the Malines of Belgium, this dog breed has a great vision and excels in a variety of tasks.

Malinois may also look like a German shepherd but eventually when they grow older, GSD will be heavy in size compared with Malinois.

Sable German shepherd Vs Belgian Melinois

Aggressive Nature

Sable German Shepherd

Sable German Shepherds are a large dog breed and exhibit less aggression compared to the Belgian Malinois.

Belgian Malinois

belgian Melinois

Belgian Malinois are much smaller than GSDs but more aggressive. Similarly, the Belgian Malinois is much faster and more powerful than the German Shepherds.


Therefore, these 2 dog breeds exhibit similar appearances at the puppy age but while they grow elder, they will eventually get into their breed characteristics. It is very important that you choose a pet according to your personal preferences and needs.

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