White German shepherd from Puppy to Pal: The Complete Guide.

White German Shepherd Dog has, more or less, the same characteristics as any other regular German shepherd dog has.

It is a recessive gene (A recessive gene is a gene that can be masked by a dominant gene. To have the trait expressed by a recessive gene, such as blue eyes, you need to get the gene for blue eyes from your parents) that makes it white and we call it White German Shepherd.

White German shepherd
A White German shepherd at the beach

The White German Shepherd is a type of German Shepherd characterized by a white coat that originated in Germany and was later bred in the United States.

It is a large dog, 22 to 26 inches long, and weighs between 77 and 88 pounds. The lifespan of a white shepherd is about 12 to 14 years.

The Origins of White German Shepherd Dogs

The first German Shepherd born in 1895 was known as Horand van Grafrat.

His grandfather, known as Griff, was a white Thuringian shepherd. The white gene is derived from the griffin. Since then white German shepherds continued to have appeared in litters.

White German shepherd dogs are the descendants of traditional German shepherds.

These White GSDs belong to the white coat line from German shepherd dogs in Canada and also in the United States of America. Because of the unusual color of their coat, white GSDs are often disqualified at dog shows and exhibitions.

Standard Pose of the White German Shepherd Puppy
Standard Pose of the White German Shepherd Puppy

The German shepherd is an easily recognized species that has captured the hearts and expectations of dog lovers for hundreds of years. The black-and-tan coat, upright ears, athletic body structure, and natural intelligence make it the perfect animal for a variety of work tasks.

Since the onset of the development of the German shepherd line, the recessive genome of a white-coated dog has been evident.

Cream or white is a relatively common coat of color in most species, but the underlying genetic mechanism for this color is not clearly stated. Samoyed, American Eskimo Dogs, and West Highland White Terriers are all white.

In recent years, many Labrador retrievers, the types of yellow laboratories known as the telephone, often have more cream than yellow.

Similarly, some golden retrievers have more cream than gold. Cream to white also occurs in many other species as one of several coat colors. In some breeds, such as the German Shepherd Dogs, the coat is excluded from the show ring, although a small group of fans embrace the dogs and form a special club.

 Standard Pose of the White German Shepherd 6 months old
Standard Pose of the White German Shepherd 6 months old

During the time of World War II, Hitler himself decided that white was not the correct German Shepard color. Attempts have been made to remove all traces of the white coat genes, but thankfully it has not been implemented in many places outside of Germany.

That is why we could still see White German Shepherds in the world.

Where are White German shepherds from?

The German shepherd’s journey began as a cattle breeding dog in northern Germany. Each area has its own livestock breed dog, and in the 19th century, the best dogs were raised to create the German shepherd, which we know and love today.

The first German shepherd, born in 1895, was called Horand von Grafrath and his grandfather was Greif, a white Thuringian shepherd, and the white gene originated from Greif.

Since then, white German Shepherds have appeared in the litter, which can occasionally be bred by gene carriers or by intentional breeding. Since then, scientists and fans alike have tried to understand both the gene and the dog.

  Standard Pose of the White German Shepherd 1 year old
Standard Pose of the White German Shepherd 1-year-old

Since 1933, especially during the World Wars, the Nazi state has damaged the reputation of the white German Shepherd. They mistakenly thought him an albino dog, and then he has labeled a carrier of faulty genetics.

He mistakenly claimed that all German Shepherd was ill and therefore had to be removed from the gene pool. Although there is no scientific basis for this claim, the white German Shepherd is still incapable of completing many conformation shows and is still angered by many German Shepherd breeders.

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Since the founding of the German Shepherd in 1895, white fans have been deliberately nurtured and refined to protect them from being eliminated. Although the white German Shepherd is actually a naturally occurring color variant of the German Shepherd, in some circles he is now considered a separate species in his own right. There is still much debate in the community around this;

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There are people who favor the White Shepherd, they call him the White Shepherd, and then there are the classic breeders, who still call him the White German Shepherd. However, he slowly but surely, with some resistance, earned the status of a full-time White Shepherd.

Do white German Shepherds have more health problems?

The first thing I would like to mention here is that His color is not an indicator of health problems. Pigmentation-related health problems, such as deafness, may be common in many species; It occurs in species such as the dago argentine or the English bull terrier.

The white German shepherd is just one color and has nothing to do with other health symptoms or ethnic harm. This is similar to a long coat GSD.

  • GSDs are a common health problem called hip and elbow dysplasia. These illnesses are usually hereditary and can manifest at any age. Symptoms are more common in older dogs.
  • Other problems, such as airborne allergies, arise from fleas or food-related allergies.
  • Some lines of white German Shepherds develop malabsorption syndrome along with a variety of eye diseases.

White German Shepherd Physical Features

 White German Shepherd Physical Features
White German Shepherd Physical Features

White German Shepherd Male: White German Shepherd males weigh between 65 to 90 pounds, and they measure 24 to 26 inches tall from paw to shoulder.

White German Shepherd Female: The females weigh between 50 and 70 pounds and the height is 22 to 24 inches. The specific White Shepherd sits comfortably in the middle of each measurement, however, according to his racial standards, he cannot be more than 2 inches apart on either side.

White German Shepherd has a long tail, large upright ears and usually, their eyes are dark brown or black. They are powerful and impressive in appearance and they are longer than tall.

The white German Shepherd, the double coat with the undercoat is dense and textured, and the outer coat is thick and erect. This double coat will keep him warm and protected from the elements and use a special shampoo for a shiny coat.

Pure white is the preferred color, however, the cream through to light biscuit is accepted in White Shepherd. His skin must be grey, and when pink is accepted, it should not be the result of albinism. His features, such as the nose, lips, eye rims, and pads, should all be black.

White German Shepherd Puppy

White German Shepherd Puppies are the most adorable and beautiful puppy dogs ever, they often look like North-Poland origin white Pomeranian Dog but GSD is quite different with Stand-up ears and stiff physical attitude and takes the pride in all aspects.

White German Shepherd Puppy
White German Shepherd Puppy

White GSD puppies are quite similar to the standard GSD breed but there needs to be little extra effort to be taken during playtime and also when left the puppies’ outdoors as they are white in color and they tend to get dirty very easily and the stains are clearly visible on their fur without keen observation.

Newborn White German Shepherd Puppies

Newborn White German Shepherd Puppies
Newborn White German Shepherd Puppies
Newborn White German Shepherd Puppy with mother

Shedding and Grooming of White GSDs

When you have a white GSD, you become accustomed to seeing their white hair around your home, your furniture, your clothes, and your floors.

German Shepherds are a popular thing, and it gets worse when the weather warms up and they start releasing their thick winter coats.

 Shedding and Grooming of White GSDs
Shedding and Grooming of White GSDs

To avoid getting bored with hair, daily brushing is essential. You also want to limit how often you shower them, because excessive bathing removes the natural oils of their skin, causing irritation – which leaves them with more hair.

You should also make sure that your dog’s ears are regularly cleansed while keeping their nails clenched.

Are White German Shepherds Aggressive?

White Shepherds often have a softer, gentler, and more sensitive personalities. Due to this luscious nature, white shepherds are rarely used as police dogs, guard dogs, or defense dogs.

The fact is that not just from their inner temperament but also by the looks they don’t carry that aggressive nature by their coat color and hence they tend to be a little softer than the standard GSDs.

White German Shepherds Aggressive?
White German Shepherds Aggressive? The answer is No

So, it is going to be a good choice for someone who wants to explore more options other than Labrador retriever and also Golden Retriever.

The White Shepherd can certainly be a very good watchdog, but their “watching” is usually limited to warning you that someone had entered the premises.

White Shepherds are usually not aggressive.

In fact, if a white shepherd has any character defect, it is more likely to be vulnerable or obscure. White Shepherds need early socialization to cultivate a loyal attitude toward strangers and strange situations.

White shepherds need plenty of physical and mental exercise. This smart breed should not be sent to a home where a normal pet wants to walk around the block.

The white shepherds are very vocal, crying, wailing, and wailing.

Although they rarely have a dominant personality, the White Shepherds still need a loyal, stable owner, who sets and enforces the rules.

Can white German shepherds be AKC registered?

The most popular breed we call the German shepherd comes in a variety of colors like black, black, and tan and also pure white. For many reasons (not necessarily good reasons), white dogs are not appreciated by German shepherd breeders who compete in the national breed club or dog shows. Despite their refusal, a white puppy found in the group of the German Shepherds can still register as a German shepherd at the American Kennel Club.

 White German Shepherd Puppy
White German Shepherd Puppy

So if you are planning to acquire a white AKC-registered German shepherd, you can expect similar temperament and behavior as he is more familiar with the stand GSD color that is black and tan.

Considerations to have a White GSD

If you want a White GSD dog who…

  • Strong, athletic and natural-looking
  • There is a “softer,” mellow personality than a traditionally colored German Shepherd
  • Challenge activities and exercise can thrive
  • Exceptionally intelligent, reliable and versatile – when socialized and well trained, almost anything can be learned and done
  • 100% watchdog but not a 100% guard dog like the standard GSDs
In that case, the white shepherd may be right for you.

If you don’t want to deal with

  • Exercise and provide plenty of interesting things to do
  • Some of the lines are sober or shy, or not widely socialized
  • It can spoil the things around when bored or not given enough exercise.
  • Potential aggression towards other dogs, especially of the same sex
  • Heavy shedding constantly than standard GSDs
The white shepherd may not be right for you.

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