German Shepherd Dog: One of the Easiest Dog Breed to Train

Which one could be the easiest dog breed to train? There can be multiple versions and numerous opinions from the different dog owners, but let me give a clear picture of German Shepherds.

The German Shepherd Dog is considered to be the King of all Breeds in the dog world. They are very intelligent and easiest dog breed to train, making them a top choice for many dog owners and police and army personnel all around the world.  This breed needs a job to stay happy, but enjoys training and can succeed in a variety of dog sports as well.

6 months old  German Shepherd Dog
6 months old German Shepherd Dog

My German Shepherds are always ready to work, eager to please, and very motivated. He is a quick learner and exceptionally loyal, which is why they are often used as police and military dogs.

The German Shepherds are known for their intelligence and with good reason; they are considered the third intelligent breed of dog. In order to be in the top tier of intelligence, the species must interpret the new command after just five repetitions and follow the first command given to them 95 percent of the time.

Puppy to Adult in 40 Seconds

Heroism is a German Shepherd hobby.

Grown-Up  German Shepherd Dog
Grown-Up German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherds are known to be the easiest dog breed to train and do not hesitate of taking a step back if their owner is in trouble or if there is any danger to his owner by any other means. Recently there was coverage about the German Shepherd Saved 7-Year-Old Owner From Rattlesnake and also multiple instances about these daring steps by German shepherds.

When is the right time to start Basic Commands Training?

Unlike other dogs, German Shepherds can be trained from a young age, say from the age of 8 weeks they can understand our commands to the maximum extent.

 Basic Commands Training
Basic Commands Training

Apart from basic commands like Sit, stand, jump, and bark, they can do miracles in understanding and behaving with the owner and other pets as well.

As an ideal GSD lover, it would good to start training your dog from day1 you brought your dog home. Training is not just giving commands there can be other things around having a dog like Potty Training your Dog in 7 Days or Less, Boundary Training your Dog, and so on.

War Time Name Changes

During World War I and 2 it wasn’t uncommon for associated countries to eliminate or change anything with the word “German” in its name. In the United States, the GSD became just the “Shepherd Dog” and the club changed its name to Shepherd Dog Club of America— both have since re-added “German” to their names. During wartime, the United Kingdom also changed the name of the German Shepherd Dog and called it the “Alsatian Dog.”

Powerful bites

238 PSI Powerful Bite
About 238 PSI Powerful Bite

Animal bites are measured in pounds per square inch or PSI, which is the strength of the bite. It was believed that a tiger shark has a bite power of 325 and a grey wolf has a bite with a PSI of 406. The German Shepard’s bite is also very powerful, about 238, which means if the GSDs are given proper guarding training; it would surely protect the entire family from any unwanted guests to your home.

There are eleven recognized colors of German Shepherd Dogs

The color most associated with the German Shepherd Dog breed is tan and black. People are also often aware that they come in white or black varieties. Of course, the eleven colors of the German Shepherd Dog were recognized by the American Kennel Club.

colors of German Shepherd Dogs
colors of German Shepherd Dogs

These include the three color variations already mentioned and the liver, sebum, black and cream, black and red, black and silver, bi-color, gray and blue. Some of these color variations are quite common but others are rare. In addition to these marked color variations, there is an unusual color of the German Shepherd called the Panda Shepherd’s digit.

While some people prefer a dog that is unusual in color because it makes their pet special, unusual variations in terms of dogs are not considered a good thing. Liver and blue variants are considered serious disorders. At all races and special events, bringing in a white German Shepherd causes the immediate disqualification.

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