Tips on How to Introduce Baby to a Hyper Dog

Introduce baby to a hyper dog: It is said that a family is complete when the almighty bless them with a baby. But it becomes perfect when they bring in another family member.

But this member has four legs & a tail. And its movement is directly proportional to their level of happiness!

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But one of the biggest concerns in such a situation is, how to introduce them to each other. Because as parents when your four-legged baby meets your two-legged baby, you have to make sure that they fall in love with each other!

Here are some tips on how to introduce baby to a hyper dog

1. Start Early

It is always advised to plan & start as early as possible. Keep realistic goals & how you want to accomplish them with two babies at home. Consult your fellow pet parents for more information on how they manage.

Introduce Baby to a Hyper Dog

Chalk out a plan. But most importantly, stay true to your financial capabilities. This will help you in the long run.

2. Preparing Pets for New Baby

When pets are trained from the start, the journey of parenthood becomes 10x easier. If your pet is not trained, you still have time. Enroll them in a good Canine training school. They will be taught everything.

From the basic commands of sit, stay, etc to advance commands like walking leash-free, etc. And not just commands. Each pet is unique & has its quirks & temperament.

The school will also focus on equipping them with the right habits & getting rid of any harmful behavior. You can also train them using pet-friendly treats.

It will reinforce their training by forming a positive association with dog food. This will ensure that they are better groomed to be around a baby.

3. Baby Sounds

One effective way to introduce a baby to your pet is to acclimatize them with baby sounds.

Opt for baby sounds like crying, cooing, laughing, etc. you can find multiple videos all over the internet which will help you serve this purpose.

Find every possible baby sound & start playing it on the speaker in the house. Increase the intensity & duration slowly and let your pet adapt to this new change.

And when the actual baby arrives, your pet will be ready to welcome them with open paws!

4. Spread Baby Fragrance

Our pets are smarter than we think. We underestimate their prowess of vision & smell. But the truth is, they rely on it more than we know.

Another positive way to introduce babies to pets is by using baby items. Most prominent being fragrance.

Start using baby powder, baby oils, moisturizers, etc. Spread them around like confetti & let their nose do the job.

This will go hand in glove with the baby sound and will replicate an actual scenario of a baby being in the house.

5. Maintain Distance Please

As much as you love your pet, it is always safe to keep them at a safe distance. At the end of the day, our pets are animals.

The only way to communicate with them is to train them & build a healthy rapport.

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Separate the baby room with the right types of equipment. But this doesn’t mean that you should cut off any interaction between the two.

Keep their interactions minimal yet effective while maintaining an appropriate distance.

5. Always supervise.

Many other little things will require your attention. Like baby-proofing/pet-proofing the house so as to introduce baby to a hyper dog. It is understandable that once the baby comes, they will need more attention. But being a responsible pet parent, you need to divide it equally.

Introduce Baby to a Hyper Dog

Don’t let your pet feel isolated or cornered. They might end up feeling jealous & this will result in an unhealthy relationship.

Parenthood is a journey that should be enjoyed by both, the baby & the pet. The more love you give, the more love you shall receive! Happy pet parenting!

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