5 Best Dog House Heaters in 2022

Dog House Heaters: In a dog’s life, there is no worse feeling than being cold. Most of the time, this is not a problem for them as they usually spend the day indoors with their owners.

However, when they are left outside in the winter it can be dangerous, and due to the intense cold, only some breeds of dogs can tolerate this outdoor living situation.

With that in mind, we have created a list of the five best dog house heaters for 2022.

Quick Look of the best 5 Dog House Heaters

Best Overall: Dog House Heater Plus Model

High Power with Anti Chew Cord: Dog House Heater with Thermostat &Timer

Suitable for Most Climates: Akoma Hound Heater Dog House Heater

Best for Puppies: Dog House Heater, Upgraded Outdoor Pet Furnace

Best Infrared Technology Heater: Infrared Outdoor Electric Space Heater

Dog House Heater Plus Model

Many dog owners have found that living in a cold climate can limit the time they get to stay outside.

This is often because their dogs are not properly insulated from the cold and dampness.

A heated dog house will protect your pet from the elements while still allowing them to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

The Dog House Heater Plus Model is designed for most dog houses with an easy do-it-yourself installation and adjustable temperature control.

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This heater has a long-lasting anti-chew cord coil and adjustable temperature control. It’s suitable for all breeds and sizes of dog houses and is easy to install with D.I.Y instructions included with purchase!


  • The adjustable temperature control allows you to set the temperature between 50˚F – 100˚F.
  • This is perfect for those cold mornings when you’re walking out there at 5 am to walk the dogs.

Dog House Heater with Thermostat &Timer

Dog House Heater with Thermostat & App Remote Control, 300W Safe Heater for Dog Houses Outdoor with Adjustable Temp &Timer& 6FT Anti Chew Cord, Outdoor Pet Heater for Most Dog House, Easy to Install
  • SMART APP REMOTE CONTROL--Our dog house heater can be...
  • WITH THERMOSTAT AND TIMER DESIGN--Unlike other products,...
  • SAFE & FAST THERMOSTATIC HEATING--This dog heater has 300W...
  • SMART INDUCTION & ENERGY SAVING--The dog house heater with...

A lot of people enjoy living with their four-legged furry friends. This is great because many people find the companionship of animals to be therapeutic. But what about those chilly winter nights? It can be hard to heat up your house for your dog, but there are some solutions that will help! This dog House Heater is perfect since they are designed to provide warmth specifically for outdoor dog houses.


  • Clever Invention Keeps Dogs Warm Through The Cold Season
  • Pet Owners Can Now Keep Their Furry Friend Warmer for Long-time
  • Climate control pet house heating system

Akoma Hound Heater Dog House Heater

Akoma Hound Heater Dog House Heater with Bluetooth Temperature Monitoring & Control, Outdoor Pet Furnace 300w with 6 Foot Anti-Chew Cord - for Most Dog Houses
  • ADVANCED BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGY: Allows you to monitor the...
  • LONG LASTING: Hound Heater Deluxe lasts for years (100,000...
  • SAFE CONSTRUCTION: Features heavy duty chew-proof cord and...
  • SAVES ENERGY: Hound Heater Deluxe dispenses safe, dry heat...

Akoma Hound Heater by Akoma Pet Products is a portable dog house heater with built-in Bluetooth temperature monitoring and control, an anti-chew cord, and a long tube for outdoor use.

It is made from durable materials to withstand the elements, keeping your pets warm and cozy during those colder months.

The device has a 300-watt heating capacity that generates radiant heat for up to 3 hours on a single charge.

This product is designed for outdoor dog houses and features wireless control via Bluetooth app, as well as a sensor to monitor the temperature of your pup’s home.

It also has a 6-foot anti-chew cord and has an automatic shut-off system to prevent overheating if left unattended.


  • This outdoor pet furnace heats up to 300 square feet in the area around your dog house.
  • The heater has three different heat settings to keep your pup warm, no matter how cold it gets out there.
  • It comes with an anti-chew cord, so you can plug in anywhere without worrying about your pup chewing on it.
  • The ground surface temperature will never be higher than 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dog House Heater, Upgraded Outdoor Pet Furnace

Dog House Heater, Upgraded Outdoor Pet Furnace with External Digital Temperature Controller and Probe,Easy Installation and Double Anti Chew Cord Coil, Suitable for All Breeds&Sizes
  • LED External Controller with Indicator Light--LED digital...
  • This Dog House Heater available for Real-time Temp 1 °Fto...
  • Easy D.I.Y. Installation, Fix it in the wall and power on...
  • The body size 37*30cm, designed for most dog house,no sharp...

This Dog House Heater is the best way to keep your dog warm. It provides your dog with instant heat, all year long.

The heater is made of durable aluminum and heat-resistant powder coating which protects it from corrosion.

With external temperature control, you can regulate the internal temperature inside your dog’s house with ease.

This product offers increased comfort for your dog with easy installation and an external digital temperature controller.

The heater’s anti-chew cord coil provides security for outdoor pets, so this product is suitable for all breeds and sizes.


  • It is easy to install and has a double anti-chew cord coil
  • It is suitable for all breeds and sizes
  • The heating element of this heater is made from durable stainless steel that will not corrode or rust over time.

Infrared Outdoor Electric Space Heater

Infrared Outdoor Electric Space Heater - 1500 Watt Portable Fast Heating Outdoor Stand Heater Odorless Waterproof Electric Patio Heater w/ Tip-over Safety Switch - Remote Control - SereneLife SLOHT40
  • ADVANCED HEATING TECHNOLOGY: This 1500 watt free standing...
  • TIP-OVER PROTECTION: The porch heaters outdoor electric is...
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: SereneLife outdoor heaters for patio...
  • WATERPROOF DESIGN: This IP65 approved heater backyard...

The SereneLife SLOHT40 outdoor electric heater is a 1500-watt portable and fast heating outdoor stand heater with an odorless and waterproof design.

It emits heat to the entire area and can be adjusted for personal comfort by using the thermostatic control knob.

The unit’s tip-over safety switch will automatically turn the heater off if it falls over, which is an excellent feature for safety concerns.


  • A 1500 watt power output with three heat settings and remote control.
  • Portable electric stand heater with a tip-over safety switch that can be used on decks, patios, porches, and poolside areas.
  • Perfect for outdoor activities such as entertaining guests or just staying warm when it is cold out.
  • Includes a water-resistant heating element and plug with an anti-freeze setting for use in snow, ice, and sleet conditions.

Dog House Heater Buyers Guide

It’s important to be prepared for winter weather, not just for humans but for pets too! Purchasing a dog house heater is one way to keep your pup warm during the cold months.

Dog house heaters are small, lightweight, and portable. You can place them next to their house or outside anywhere that it gets cold to help turn the air warmer.

What to Look for When Buying Dog House Heater?

Purchasing the right heaters for your pet can help you save money on energy costs, while keeping your dog safe and cozy during the winter.

There are many different types of heater styles to consider when shopping for dog house heaters.

Keep in mind that some might be better suited for outdoor use, while others are intended for indoor use only.

Many people do not think about heating their dog’s house, but it is important to keep your four-legged friend warm in the winter months.

During this time, you have two options for heating your dog’s house: an electric heater or a ceramic stove.

If you decide to go with the electric heater, look for one that has over 700 watts of power and has a thermostat that can be set to different temperatures.


In conclusion, buying a doghouse heater is an easy, cost-effective way to keep your pup nice and cozy during the cold winter months. With so many different types of heaters on the market, there are plenty of options to choose from.

You can find them at any retailer for a variety of price ranges, saving you time and money. When making this purchase, make sure you pay close attention to sizing options as well as wattage requirements.

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