Is Bamboo Poisonous to Dogs?

Is Bamboo Poisonous to Dogs? In recent years, bamboo has been touted as a green alternative to wood flooring. However, if your pup is roaming the house doing her business, you may want to reconsider this flooring option.

As it turns out, bamboos can be toxic to dogs and should not be used as a replacement for carpets or other floor coverings.

Many dogs love to chew on sticks and barked products, but not all of them are safe for the dogs to chew on.

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Barking products like bamboo can be poisonous to dogs and should not be chewed on.

Bamboo is a part of the grass family and is found in most countries that have tropical or subtropical climates; therefore, it is likely that they will eventually come into contact with bamboo at some point in their life.

What is bamboo?

Bamboo, a type of grass that is a member of the Poaceae family, is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world. It can grow up to four inches a day.

The genus is comprised of over 1,400 different species and varieties, but only three types are used for commercial purposes: Moso bamboo, Changbai bamboo, and Giant timber bamboo.

Why might dogs be eating it?

Bamboo is known as the most common natural material used to make dog toys. Some might not know that it also contains a chemical called oxalic acid which can irritate skin and cause discomfort for dogs.

This is one of the reasons why some dogs might respond by eating their toys made of bamboo.

Dogs love to chew on bamboo, but this plant can be deadly to a dog if ingested. Dogs should never be left alone with any sticks or plants that they might find interesting as the items could cause choking, intestinal blockage, or poisoning.

This is an especially dangerous habit to get into because this type of plant can cause serious damage to the digestive tract, which may lead to death.

Bamboo is made up of thousands of sharp cellulose fibers that are impossible for most animals to digest by themselves.

How can dog owners protect their pets from bamboo?

Bamboo Poisonous to Dogs

Dog owners everywhere are familiar with the dangers that bamboo can pose to their pets. Bamboo has a tendency to be sharp and can work its way into a pet’s paws, body, and mouth in a matter of minutes.

Dogs have been known to chew on pieces of bamboo which can lead to choking or intestinal blockages.

The best way for dog owners to protect their pets from these dangers is to supervise them around bamboo plants.

There are multiple methods that you can use to protect your dog from bamboo; some of these methods involve simply keeping the dog indoors at the time of day when bamboo grows

Others involve purchasing a custom-designed cover for your yard.


Bamboo is toxic or poisonous to dogs and you should keep your dog away from bamboo and other natural materials that might seem like food and could lead your dog into eating anything he or she comes across.

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