Akita German Shepherd Mix Explained in Fewer than 500 words.

Akita German Shepherd mix, so-called Shepkita (Registered on the International Designer Canine Registry.)  is a crossbreed between Akita and German Shepherd dog.

This Akita shepherd mix is a large-sized, physically powerful dog is known for its quiet, reliable nature and is reasonably fat built with broad shoulders and muscular features. Comparatively, it has a small head and is triangular with dark-brown eyes and a black nose.

Akita Shepherd Mix breed specifications and Physical Appearance

WeightMales:75 – 120 pounds Females: 70-110 Pounds
HeightMales: 24 – 28 inches Females: 20-26 inches
Lifespan10 – 13 years
Training CompatibilityModerately easy
Energy LevelHigh and Extremely High
Space RequirementsLarger spaces with closed gate yard is preferable
Personality TraitsAggressive, Independent, loyal and protective
With Other PetsGood
Country of OriginUSA
Quick Description

Akita Shepherd Temperament

Akita Shepherds are very loyal and obedient. They always expect their owners to pay a little attention for them.

These dogs are very brave and alert, with strong defensive instincts, making highly protective dogs. If they have been trained since the days of puppies, they are excellent working dogs as their parents.

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However, some experts argue that these dogs are more likely to develop symptoms of aggressive behavior due to behavioral problems or poor fertility.

They tolerate heat and cold. If you train them they can be a well-behaved pet, and you will provide a way to socialize them. This is not a pet you want to have near a child, so you should definitely consider this before adopting Akita German Shepherd Mix.

Shepkita Training and Exercise

Being the outcome of two large working breeds, the Akita Shepherd needs a lot of activities and exercise every day. They love jumping and running. Take your dog out for a couple of long walks and jogs every day if possible. You can also take your Shepkita to a park or kennel where they would be able to mingle comfortably with other dogs, devoid of any territorial aggressions.

Akita Shepherd Exercise
Source: Gettyimages

If you have a yard, take it out of leashes only if your yard is enclosed with a gate. This should ensure all-around safety. These activities are especially needed if your dog lives in an apartment.

Your dog enjoys challenges. Excite him to take part in energetic playing sessions, including tug of war, Frisbee, and various other retrieving games that demand physical exertion.

Is Akita German shepherd Mix a Family Dog?

This mix is not great with kids, but if you train him, he will turn out to be the perfect companion for your family. This is a somewhat moody pet, which can be a problem for some people.

But if you take good care of him and you have a lot of dressing needs, the results will ultimately be awe-inspiring. This is not just a simple pet, many people love him.

Akita Shepherd Puppy

Akita German shepherd Puppy
Akita German shepherd Mix pup sitting and facing camera wearing white collar and tie.

Shepkita or Akita German Shepherd mix puppies will have a unique look right from day 1 and also they carry all the features of their parent breeds.

Does Akita Shepherds like to cuddle?

Akita shepherds like to hug. … The Akita and German shephers race is known for being loyal, friendly and affectionate with their owners and those they trust. While not every shepkitas comes up and begs to be charmed, most of them prefer nothing more than a charming close acquaintance with their owners.

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