8 Essentials for In-home dog training or dog house training

While your puppy mom and breeder are starting her on good housing habits, you need to do some shopping for In-home dog training.

If you have all the essentials you need for In-home dog training before your dog arrives, it will be easier to help her learn the rules from day one.

Newspaper: The smaller your puppy and the larger her breed, the more newspapers you need. The newspaper is absorbent, plentiful, cheap, and convenient.

Newspaper for Dog In-home training

Puddle Pads: If you do not want to store newspapers, the commercial alternative is pudding pods. These thick paper pads can be purchased at pet supply stores under many trade names.

Puddle Pads

The pads have waterproof support so puppy urine does not fall to the ground. Their disadvantages are that they cost you more than newspapers and they contain non-biodegradable plastics.

Poop removal tool: There are many types of poop removal tools available. Some are made with a special pan and rake, while others have scissor-like handles. Some scoops require two hands for operation, while others are designed for one-hand use.

Plastic bags: When you take your dog outside your yard, you must take it along with you. Dog waste is ugly, smelly, and can cause disease.

plastic bag for dog poop

In many cities and towns, the law mandates that dog owners must clean up pet waste if pooped in public places. Using a plastic bag and scoop is very easy to pick up after your dog eliminates it.

Crate: To keep the puppy active, you need some way to restrain her when you can’t supervise. A dog crate is a safe way to restrain your dog for short periods of the day and use it as a comfortable bed at night.

Dog Crate

Crates come in wire mesh and plastic. The wire can fold them to store them flat in a small space. The plastic ones make them cozier, draft-free and quiet and are acceptable for air travel.

Baby Gates for Dogs: Baby gates are a great way to limit your dog’s freedom at home, as you should not crate your dog for more than an hour or two during the day. Make sure the baby gates you use are safe.

Baby Gates for Dogs

Old-fashioned wooden, expanding lattice type can seriously injure many children by tearing and trapping them in the leg, arm or neck. That type of gate also hurts the puppy, so use modern grid type gates instead.

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Exercise Pen or Playpen: Portable exercise pens are great when you have a small puppy or small dog for In-home dog training. These metal or plastic pens are made of rectangular panels, which are held together.

Dog Play Pen

Pens can be freestanding, sturdy, and foldable and carry like a suitcase. You can arrange a pup’s daytime playpen in your kitchen, and you also take your puppy outdoors to sit or enjoy the day while you are in the garden.

Enzymatic cleaner: All dogs make potty mistakes. Be prepared for this by accepting it and buying an enzymatic cleaner that is specifically designed for pet hazards. Dogs like to eliminate where they have done before, and long-lasting odors can lead them to eliminate again at those spots.

enzymatic cleaner will remove everything your dog can smell

Regular household cleaners can remove all odors you can smell, but only the enzymatic cleaner will remove everything your dog can smell.

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