The 5 Best Electric Dog Fences Large Breed Dogs of 2021

Electric Dog Fences: If you have large breed dogs at home, the security and joy they bring with them comes with a bundle of pain

If your dog does not seem to be barking, you can use a variety of training collars combined with positive reinforcement to help them see the error in their ways. Choose from a variety of bark collars depending on the nature of your dog.

This is not the end.

What is it like when your dogs are in the yard? If they are like us, they will look to escape any chance.

Electric Dog Fences

So, unless you want to constantly monitor your dogs, what can you do about it?

Fortunately, if you want to have your dog in the garden you have a wide variety of options and we are here to bring you today.

We bring you the best fences on the ground and above, so you can use the appropriate containment system for your budget and your garden size.

We are going to go with a brief buying guide to help you find the best dog fence easy way. Before that, let’s take a quick look at the main advantages of the models we are reviewing.

Our Top 5 Picks for Electric Dog Fences

1. Sit Boo-Boo In-Ground and Above-Ground Pet Containment System (In-Ground)

  1. Class-leading 7 levels of static correction
  2. Solid copper core wire
  3. Support for unlimited collars
  4. Reliable build quality
  5. 1-year replacement guarantee

2. Pet Safe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence (In-Ground) 

  • Choice of wire gauges and kit sizes 
  • Designed to keep stubborn dogs contained 
  • Waterproofed collar for neck sizes to 28 inches 
  • 1/3 acre of coverage perfect for smaller yards 
  • Vibration-only for hearing-impaired pets

3. SportDOG In-Ground Fence

  •    Multiple configurations to choose from
  •    The rechargeable collar gives over 1 month of use
  •    Contain unlimited dogs with separate collars
  •    Beep, vibration, and static shock
  •    7 progressive levels of correction

4. Best Wireless Dog Fence: Pet Safe Invisible Fence

  • ½ acre of coverage 
  • Allows your part to return home static-free 
  • Up to 2 months of runtime 
  • Fully waterproof collar 

5. Pet Safe Above-Ground Electric Fence (Wireless)

  • Circular coverage up to ¾ acre
  • 5 levels of static correction
  • Disengage static shock for more humane containment
  • Waterproof collar with rechargeable batteries

Things you should consider when buying an electric dog fence system

Simple wooden fences are the best way to keep your dog, but electronic fences are close when that is not possible.

Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping:

  • The shape of your Backyard
  • Your dog
  • Other dogs
  • Installation of your electronic fence
  • Location of electronic dog fence
  • Price of the Electric Dog Fences

The shape of your Backyard

Electronic dog fences are ideal for irregular-shaped backyards. If you have a large, misshapen garden with features such as a rock garden or vegetable patch, an underground dog fence will give you flexibility.

Also, if you live in an apartment block or condo that does not allow fences, electronic fences are a great solution to keep your dog from running away after pigeons or squirrels.

Your dog nature

If your dog is a high jump champ and an escape artist, you may be tired of jumping on him and running down the road to the neighbors. The electronic dog fence works no matter how high he jumps.

Electric Dog Fences

Other dogs

It is important to remember that other animals and dogs can cross the fence and enter your property. Your dog may be safe in the yard, but it will not prevent another animal from entering.

With electronic fence systems, you still need to keep an eye on your dog. You can never forget about him. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Installation of your electronic dog fences

If you are installing a ground dog fence yourself be prepared to put some elbow grease on it. Digging the earth to bury the wires is very time consuming and tiring.

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You can always hire a professional to do this for you. You can also run the wire on the ground instead and secure them with staples that you can buy separately.

If you hire a professional electronic dog fence company to install your fence, they can make sure there are no gaps to shoot through your dog.

Location of electronic dog fence

It is very important to remember that you should not install your fence up to the edge of the garden by pavement or road: this is a recipe for disaster!

Dogs become very spatial and start barking and lunging at passersby. Cyclists, pedestrians and cars can develop bad behaviors while passing by dogs. This is not a good look for you in your neighborhood!

So remember to install your fence at least 10 feet away from the perimeter of your garden. The buffer zone between the fence and the road is crucial to prevent unwanted behaviors.

Price of the Electric Dog Fences

The electronic dog fence you choose will determine your budget. In general, wireless dog fences are cheaper than underground dog fences. Installing wireless dog fences does not require much time or expense, you just plug it in.

Invisible dog fences require accessories such as staples, wiring, voltage meter, charger and batteries. You may also want to hire a professional to install your invisible dog fence, which can significantly increase the cost.


Because of those basics, it’s time for the main event and our collection of the best electric dog fence system

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do Wireless Dog Fences Work?

Yes, they work as long as they are set up correctly. Avoid interruptions or large metal objects with any large metal objects in the house. Also, having an electronic fence does not mean that you can leave your guarantees to rotate. Your dog can ignore the electric shock if anything is of enough interest to him and if he runs away. When he returns, his collar turns off the electric shock so he may not be able to go back inside. Dogs still need mental and physical stimulation. Electronic fences are great but dogs need daily walking and bonding sessions with you and your family so they can burn energy and have a great life.

2) How long does the electronic dog fence work?

The wireless dog fence operates on a radius of half an acre and three-quarters of an acre, approximately 2000 to 3000 square meters. The transmitter is plugged into the power supply in your home. The boundary should be within the radius of transmission when turning on your puppy. If you are going with an underground electronic fence system, you can go as far as you like even if you have a large living estate. But the larger the area, the more expensive it becomes. Installing an underground fence means digging a lot of dirt means you can bury the wires, so you have to factor it out. If you feel a little overwhelmed, it is a good idea to hire a professional.

3) Can I use an electronic dog fences with a puppy?

It is not advisable to use an electronic fence with a dog under 6 months. It is best to wait at least 6 months or longer if possible. Your puppy must be mature enough to understand and obey orders. If he does not, it will be very difficult for you to learn from the constant shocks on his collar. The last thing you want is for him to be on the run to play on the road. You do not want to install an electronic dog fence until your dog is fully trained to recover, sit, heel, lower, stay and depart.

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