Traveling with dogs Internationally especially to Canada

The thought of “traveling with dogs to Canada” may scare you, but you don’t really have to worry!

Traveling with your dog may be stressful and worrying and especially when it is your first travel with your lovely companion. But worry not, it won’t be a troublesome journey.

There are dozens of airlines around the world to make your experience stress-free and enjoyable – you need to know where to book.

traveling with dogs to canada

The Government of Canada may deny entry to any animal that does not meet its import requirements.

Domestic Dogs Entering Canada does not need to be Quarantined.

Dogs imported under the commercial category must be identified within 8 months (dogs for retail sale, breeding benefits, display or presentation, scientific research, dogs in ‘specially trained status’ and adopted and or dogs intended for animal welfare organization) by electronic microchip.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) may refer to any animal submitted at the border for secondary inspection by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

Make sure your pet meets your destination needs outdoors and is healthy enough to travel. Requirements may include:

  • Blood tests
  • Vaccines
  • Microchips for recognition

Be specific about the airlines, as different countries have different requirements.

Canada does not require your pet to be identified with a pet microchip except for commercial imports.

However, it is recommended that your pet be microchipped with a 15-digit ISO 11784 compliant pet microchip and enter your contact information prior to travel in case of separation or loss of your pet.

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A health certificate by a licensed veterinarian or current rabies vaccine(accepted by EU Pet Passport) document duly completed in English or French will be required.

The certificate must state that your dog is currently vaccinated against rabies and indicate the trade name of the rabies vaccine, including the serial number and validity period (up to three years).

While Traveling with dogs, vaccination is considered valid for one year.

Depending on the airlines, your dog can travel in the cabin or cargo hold of your aircraft but some may not allow your dog in cabins.

traveling with dogs inside airline cabin
traveling with dogs inside airline cabin

Generally, Canada doesn’t ask for any health certificates for healthy dogs.

But, border agents are likely to refer to any animal that crosses the border for a secondary inspection.

If your dog seems to be ill, then you may be asked to provide the health certificate.

This is required only if your dog seems to be ill. Otherwise, it may not be required.

  • The primary concern is that the dog’s condition is not contagious.
  • The animal eating products must be accompanied by the traveler at the time of entry.
  • Products should only be provided to animals that have accompanied the traveler into Canada.
  • The label on the packaging must clearly list the country of origin and source of the ingredients.
  • Make sure your pet is healthy enough to fly in the air.

If you have any chance, consider leaving your pet on your trip with a trusted friend, family member, or boarding kennel, or taking another mode of transport.

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