My Dog has Green Stuff Coming Out of His Weiner

Green Stuff Coming Out of your dog’s Weiner? Yes, Dogs have glands in their prepuce, which is the fancy name for their foreskin.

A small amount of yellow-white or slightly greenish discharge may initially accumulate in the dog’s prepuce.

One of the glands in the prepuce is called the “scent gland.” It can secrete a waxy or oily substance called “smegma.”

  • Smegma acts as a lubricant and a natural antibiotic.
  • Smegma is also infectious so it should be washed off regularly.

The best way to wash your dog’s penis is from the bottom or from underneath.

What if the green stuff coming out of his weiner is it normal or serious?

Green Stuff Coming Out of His Weiner

It’s actually coming from the sheath, not the penis (though you could think of the prepuce as the penis’s foreskin). Quantity can vary from a small drop, but it’s completely normal.

The Smegma, which looks much like pus to our naked eye, is actually made of cells and lubricant fluid in the prepuce that surrounds the penis inside its protective sheath.

It has a little pungent, acrid smell and will sometimes be noticed where a male dog has lain.

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Smegma treatment

When you observe Green Stuff Coming Out, so-called Smegma often needs no treatment, but if there are enough concerning symptoms to warrant a trip to the vet, the following treatment will be offered:

  • The vet will perform a thorough check of your dog’s genitals, as well as a full health check. A blood test will likely be done to check for inflammation or infection.
  • A sample of the discharge will be taken to check for a bacterial culture.
  • Your dog’s abdomen may be X-rayed to check for abnormalities in the prostate.
  • An ultrasound may be ordered for a more complete examination of your dog’s abdomen.

How to clean smegma from a dog yourself

If a trip to the vets is out of the question and you’re happy that your dog’s smegma leaves no cause for concern, you may want to clean up the excess discharge.

In most cases, your dog will take care of himself, so only do so if he needs a helping hand.

  • Dampen a smooth cloth with water.
  • Use unscented puppy wipes.
  • Make sure they don’t contain harsh chemicals or other nasty chemicals that can sting.
  • If it’s a little dry and crisp, use warm salted water on a clean cloth.
  • Using one of the above methods, push the sleeve back to expose the penis, rubbing gently to remove the smegma.
  • If you have a female dog, remove the vaginal folds and clean her.
  • Rinse the genitals in the bathroom, making sure that no chemicals are left that could cause discomfort. Use a new clean cloth and pat the area dry.

How to prevent smegma in dogs?

If your dog is not neutered, smegma is more likely to occur as the dog’s sexual glands will be active, which can cause a buildup of the thick, white substance. It’s important to regularly clean your dog’s private parts as it makes for a healthier animal and will help prevent infection.

However, if you need more advice, contact your vet to discuss your options.

Last words

Now you for the clear picture of Green Stuff Coming Out of His Weiner, the best thing you can do is keep an eye on your pet for any significant changes, be it in the amount of discharge produced or a color change that worries you.

If your pet appears to be in pain or if the pod looks swollen and sore, it’s time to take your dog to the vet for a second opinion.

But don’t worry, smegma is totally normal and usually not a cause for panic, so while it’s not the most pleasant topic, it’s good to know more.

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