Are German shepherds good with cats?

German Shepherds are often stereotyped as being enemy number one to cats, but may German shepherds actually be good with cats.

The truth is that any dog’s ability to get along with cats has more to do with your dog’s individual temperament than their breed.

Are German shepherds good with cats?

Fortunately, it is possible to find the answer to this question. In fact, you can find out whether any dog can get along with a cat, regardless of breed.

German Shepherds are very protective and observant, and they often feel the need to defend what they see as their territory. A cat is not a dog and many German Shepherds do not view them as a potential family companion.

After all, a dog’s job is to protect the home from intruders, and they tend to view a cat as an intruder. In fact, more German Shepherd attacks on cats occur than vice versa.

How good with cats German Shepherds tend to be

German Shepherds, like most dogs, can be effective at deterring predators such as coyotes and other unwanted animals; however, they also tend to chase small, furry things that run such as cats and this can lead to an encounter that is damaging for the cat.

That said, there are many GSDs that get along with cats quite well and it may be worth the risk. At the end of the day, it is important to thoroughly assess the dog in question in order to determine how likely it is to attack a cat because no two dogs are alike.

There are many different types of German Shepherds. Because of the nature of the dog, GSDs tend to be good with cats under certain circumstances. Let’s take a look at what those circumstances are so the next time you consider bringing home a cat and a GSD, you’ll know what to expect.

German shepherds with cats
  1. If German shepherd Puppy and Kitten are raised in a same home, the chances that GSDs and Cats can be best buddies
  2. A properly Behavior Trained and highly socialized GSD will always accept cat as his buddy.
  3. Everything takes time, be patient and kind with your dog or cat till they get along with each other.

How to get a German Shepherd to get along with cats?

I know you’re probably thinking, how can I train my dog to be better around cats? I wish I was a dog trainer but I’m not. What I am is a German Shepherd owner and a cat owner, which means that my German Shepherd and my cats have to co-exist for the sake of science. Unfortunately, I’ve discovered through trial and error that this isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Give him positive reinforcement training

The first step to changing your German Shepherd’s behavior is to give it positive reinforcement training. This helps to reinforce good behaviors and will help in the long-term when your cat comes around your home.

When training your German Shepherd, you should enforce rules around it interacting with your cats. When the GSD is showing signs of good behavior around the cats, you should reward it with a treat or more attention.

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One of the most important things you need to do ahead of time is to teach your cat to play nice if it is going to be around your more rambunctious dog.

This means teaching it how to gently play with your dog and teaching your dog not to chase it too aggressively. This can be done through positive reinforcement training.

Avoid punishments and negative reinforcement

Endless negative reinforcement can lead to your dog hating you.

So you want to be able to stop your dog chasing the cat around the house – this is not something that you can just stop doing. Instead, you need to offer the dog another, preferable option that it will also enjoy so that it will stop chasing the cat around.

So how do you successfully stop your dog from chasing your cat?

Never punish your dog for chasing your cat but gently discourage that behavior

German shepherds with cats

First, make sure you are preventing access to the cat whenever you are not there. Dogs are opportunistic hunters and if you are not there to prevent them from catching the cat then they will happily keep trying. This means making sure there are no holes in fences or doors that can be easily pushed open by the cat.

Next, start training the dog to respond to commands with two very simple ones – sit and down.

Give Attention to their activities and monitor them closely

There are several ways to get your German Shepherd to stop chasing your cat. Some will work well and others will not be at all effective. It is important that you learn why some things work and why others do not.

The first thing that you need to understand is that there is a big difference between punishment and correction.

Punishment is when we deliver consequences for things we do not want to occur again in the future, while correction is when we show our dogs what we would like them to do instead of what we do not want them to do.

Both work in different ways and the way you approach this has a lot to do with how it will turn out.

Let’s look at one of the best attempts that people use to stop their dogs from bothering their cats.

One of the most common ways that people stop their dogs from chasing cats is by yelling at the dog or smacking it on the nose when they do it.

For all these things pay some attention till they get along with each other.

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