How to Puppy Proof Your House while bringing Your German Shepherd Puppy

Your German shepherd puppy may be a little reserved or scary when you first bring it home.

After all, he was away from his mother and littermates, and introduced to strange people, and go somewhere else.

This cowardice will not last long, and soon he will be eager, very brave, eager to explore his new world. Before he comes home, you need to make sure that your house is safe for him to stay.

That means looking at your home from his perspective — not yours. If you lie on the floor, lift your head and look around your house, you will see it from the perspective of a German shepherd puppy. It’s very different, isn’t it?

puppy proof

To protect your valuables and keep your puppy safe, you need to make your home puppy proof.

For example, in the kitchen, install child-proof latches on low shelves that contain harmful products. Additionally, keep the following items in a safe place:

  • Soil cleaning and waxing products
  • Insect and rat traps, sprays and other pest controls
  • Kitchen and Oven Cleaners
  • Candy and chocolate
  • Grease and spices
  • Knives and other sharp tools

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In the bathroom, keep all of these products safe:

  • Keep all household cleaners, medicines, vitamins, shampoos, bath products, perfumes, makeup, nail polish remover, and other personal products in cupboards that close securely; consider using childproof latches on the cabinet doors.
  • Get a trash can with a tight-fitting lid.
  • Don’t use toilet bowl cleaners that release chemicals into the bowl every time you flush.
  • Keep the toilet bowl lid down.
  • Throw away toilet room freshener and any solid air fresheners

In the Bedroom, keep these things away or keep them safe:

  • Keep Away all the potentially dangerous items, including medicines and medicine containers, vitamins and supplements, perfumes, and makeup.
  • Put all your jewelry, barrettes, and hairpins in tight lid boxes.
  • Pick up all socks, shoes, and other chewable items for dogs.

In living areas, keep these things away or keep them safe:

Cell phones, electronic devices, remote controls, batteries and chargers, Pens, pencils, feel-tip markers, crayons and craft supplies and finally Electrical wires

In the yard, keep these things away or keep them safe:

Source: Imagesbazaar
  • Put the gardening tools away after each use.
  • Make sure the kids put away their toys when they’re finished playing.
  • Keep the pool covered or otherwise restrict your pup’s access to it when you’re not there to supervise.
  • Secure the cords on backyard lights and other appliances.
  • Inspect your fence thoroughly. If there are any gaps or holes in the fence, fix them.
  • Make sure you have no toxic plants in the garden.

Crotons are attractive to puppies. The dust smells good, especially if the croton is pocketed using compost, blood meal or manure. But most houseplants are harmful to pets and so it is important to puppy proof your home.

If you do a good job of puppy-proofing your house, you can not only help keep your puppy safe but also reduce the damage your puppy can do to your belongings. Replacing cell phones, remote controls, wiring or worse furniture can be expensive.

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