How do You Correct a Possessive German Shepherd Dog?

Many dog ​​owners are surprised about their possessive german shepherd dog, especially when their beloved pet starts screaming or biting when they try to remove a startled toy or food bowl.

The behavioral term for this is possession aggression and it is a very common dog aggression behavior.

Acquisition aggression can develop as a means of survival in which dogs are allowed to roam freely or are allowed to roam freely.

Possessive German Shepherd Dog

Lack of adequate training for puppies, which show these symptoms, strengthens their possessive behavior and aggressive dog behavior intensifies over time.

Sudden Possessive Aggression in Dogs

This behaviour arises from the natural instinct to express anxiety or fear over a perceived threat, which can lead to serious problems in the future.

Captive dogs may eventually resort to screaming, biting, and biting to keep other humans and animals away.

Possession aggression occurs only when the dog is protecting an object. Signs of possession aggression are a component of dominant aggression that observes other bad behaviors.

possessive dog

Acquisition aggression treatment has many options. If the object is unnecessary, it can be removed from the house like a toy.

As a dog owner, you play a key role in eliminating fear and aggressive behavior. It is important that you do not feed your dog’s aggressive behavior by being aggressive towards your dog. The best way to handle aggression is to take it all together.

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The main step with the possession dog is to keep the objects on the dog out of the way. The dog’s possession comes partly from asking for attention. Ignoring only works with mild proprietary behavior.

Continue feeding by hand and appreciate if signs of possession do not appear. Guarding toys can be improved by getting and releasing games that end with prizes.

My Dog Growls at me when I try to take something away

Teaching your puppy to earn food, treats and toys must help your dog develop self-control, respect, and good manners.

You can teach a dog to respond to a “Leave” command when he has something in his mouth.

Grab a treat and call out the command “leave” as he goes over the object and walks towards you.

Reward him with treatment for his obedience and remove the object as soon as possible.

“Give” is another useful command to deal with possession in your dog.

Treating Possessive Aggression in Dogs

You can teach them to give when your dog has a toy in its mouth. Reward him with a treat and let him have the toy back.

If your dog shows a persistent obsession with his food, toys, or your owner, and it is aggressive, re-training of dog behaviour is usually necessary.

Consulting a professional dog trainer is usually the best option to correct complex possession behavior.

It is important not to let your dog go out with possessive behavior for too long, as it will only get worse over time. Respond quickly to this behavior rather than late.

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