How Do I Make a DIY Anxiety Wrap for Dogs?

DIY Anxiety Wrap: Whether your dog expels nervous energy through barking, vandalism, or shaking, anxiety in puppies is not fun for everyone involved.

Many dogs become nervous and are especially frightened by loud, sudden noises (such as explosive fireworks, party horns, clanging pots, and pans).

Sometimes, the “noise violence” produced by these sounds can cause chronic injury to puppies.

Remember, dogs hear the sound of virtues much larger than humans can detect and their sensitive hearing picks up sound from a distance.

That means pinnacle popping fireworks are actually booming, and the talk and laughter of your party guests are really very stressful.

There is a huge number of products out there that can help your puppy be more relaxed, but at the moment you may already have a simple solution in your home: a scarf.

How does it work?

Ever heard of a Thundershirt? This product is legendary among dog lovers and it is one of the ones you should not hit until you try.

The comfortable fit of the Thundershirt has a calming effect on dogs, similar to the effect of moving a baby.

DIY Anxiety Wrap
Creating a DIY dog anxiety wrap is really quite simple, and can help calm your dog during stressful situations.

To help your dog stay calm in these stressful situations, you can use a little cloth to create a type of “clothes” to help your puppy with his anxiety.

Tie your dog before you observe them experience anxiety (such as thunderstorms or car travel), and the hugging effect of the shirt will comfort the dog, reducing anxiety.

We suggest using a scarf (length depending on the size of the dog), but it really does make any stretch fabric piece.

DIY Anxiety Wrap for Dogs

Place the scarf horizontally across the dog’s chest in the center and cross the ends over the shoulders. Next, cross those ends below the chest, tie in a secure knot away from the spine, and bring back up.

The scarf should be comfortable, but not confined. Like how the Thundershirt works, a slight pressure exists around the body (like a constant hug!) Should provide a calming effect or pull the nerve edge.

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This DIY option is really a wonderful handy thing and can protect your puppy from unnecessary discomfort.

How does DIY anxiety wrap for dogs work?

Dogs and humans are comforted by gentle stress – in fact, the technology around dog anxiety is very similar to the process of moving a baby.

This method of soothing is called “maintained pressure” and is used to soothe animals and humans by hitting specific pressure points around the body.

Often your dog can be calmed by the pressure sensing, but some dogs require multiple dressing sessions to get used to the rap, so it is recommended to practice wrap a few more times in low-stress situations before a stressful event.

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