How Long Does a Dog Grooming Take?

Dog Grooming: Are you a dog owner of a heavy-coated dog and planning to give a deep cleansing bath and thorough grooming for your furry friend?

So you might be a little puzzled about how long does dog grooming take?

Quick answer: It takes an average of 1 hour to look after your dog. If he has a short and low-maintenance coat, you can finish it in 20 minutes. If you have a more difficult coat or a larger breed, it can take up to 2 hours to groom your dog.

Dog Grooming

But if you are planning for a dog show, then it needs special care and attention and it may take up to 4 hours for the extreme deep cleaning and grooming.

Let’s see how you can start with attire at home and plan for what.

Why does it take so long to groom a dog?

If your dog’s fur is long and thick, it may require some cutting or dressing as you prepare for the dog show.

How long it takes to take good care of your dog depends on his size, coat type, age, and generally how well you dress.

The longer you look at the dog, the harder it is to catch. Once the mats and tufts have formed, the time required to brush them, bathe your dog, and dry him is much longer if you nurture him regularly.

How long does it take to brush my dog?

If your dog coat is without dreadlocks or mats, you can brush him in 15 minutes. Small dogs can do it very quickly — you can quickly brush your long-coated Chihuahua in 2 minutes.

Some breeds like German shepherds, especially those with large and heavy coatings, may take a little longer.

If your dog already has matte areas and dreadlocks, expect more time to dress up. If you want to protect the coat and do not want to shave your dog, you need to brush him very carefully. For a dog like the Golden Retriever, this can take up to 1.5 hours.

It is important not to be harsh and injure your dog – it is not his fault that his hair is tangled!

Bathing and shampooing

Bathing your dog with shampoo and conditioner should not take long. After he has soaked the skin, wash his body generously with shampoo.

For some dogs with a thick double coat, you need to make sure that the water and shampoo have reached their skin. For example, a German Shepherd coat is too thick, a quick cleanser will not go to the hair root.


Drying your dog after bathing is especially important for breeds like huskies. The powerful blow dryer easily removes loose hair.

For a small dog, blow-drying only takes 5-10 minutes. A very large and heavy-bodied dog like the Berndodel can take 30-45 minutes to completely dry out.

While this may seem like a tedious task, do not skip blow-drying. This is the best way to deal with a dead undercoat quickly.

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You should never leave loose hair on your dog because it is likely to matte very quickly.

Professional groomers will take the dog into the special dog room and carefully place a blow dryer in front of it, which will dry the dog on its own.

Brushing and clipping

After bathing and drying it is time for your dog to really shine! Give him a full brush. If you are planning to give your dog a haircut, now is the time.

Use costume clippers to trim your puppy’s fur. For dogs like poodles and mini pom, the teddy bear cut is very famous.

If you have not used clippers before, you can ask a local groomer to help you or watch some instructional videos on YouTube. Once you understand it it is not difficult, but getting started can sometimes be tricky.

The approximate time for Clipping a puppy would be 5-20 minutes, depending on your dog size and how short you want your dog’s coat to be.

Be sure to grind your dog’s nails before finishing!

How many dogs can you Groom in a day?

Professional dog grooming

A professional groomer can breed 6-8 dogs per day using a professional Grooming tub. Note that they are set up for efficient and fast work – plus they are very skilled! If you Groom your own dogs at home, you can only groom for 3 or 4 dogs a day.

You should not underestimate the fact that strain grooming can also take over your back. If you have not trained your dogs before, start doing one a day. This way you can slowly reduce the risk of back pain the next day.

Is it good to Groom or bathe dogs first?

If your dog has a lot of dreadlocks or mats you may want to brush or clip them first. Otherwise, the bath will “feel” your puppy’s fur and make it more dense and entangled.

If your dog coat is in good shape, you can bathe him first, then blow-dry, clip, and brush. Using clippers on clean fur makes them longer and sharper.

How can I Groom my dog ​​quickly?

The most important thing when it comes to fast-dressing is to look after your dog regularly. If you brush your dog every two days, his coat will always be in good shape. The longer you wait to groom your dog, the longer it will take to work.

You should never be so strict in looking after a dog because you want to do it quickly. Pulling on the hair can harm him and should be avoided at all costs!

how to sedate your dog for grooming and is it good?

If you want to sedate your dog for grooming you can safely use human medicine as an over-the-counter dog anesthetic, but make sure you know what you are doing.

There are high chances of having an underdose or overdose a dog in this situation when you are using medications that are not prescribed based on the dog’s age, weight, and general health.

You can try using Benadryl medication, which contains a substance called diphenhydramine. Diphenhydramine is an antihistamine that is mainly used for allergies, and in humans and dogs, it acts as a mild sedative. It is a good idea to talk to a veterinarian when using any sedative or sedative.

Benadryl is a syrup that dogs usually take because they like to eat it with their food or with food such as peanut butter. Be sure to check with a veterinarian to find the right dose for your dog.

A dose of milligrams of Benadryl should not exceed your dog’s weight. For example, a five-pound dog dose should not exceed 5 milligrams, and a 30-pound dog should not gain more than 25 to 30 milligrams.


It will probably take 1-2 hours to Groom your dog. This time may be too short for a small dog with a short coat and a large dog with a thick and heavy coat. The best way to speed up your breeding sessions is to maintain your puppy breeding regime.

The longer you groom his coat, the worse it will get. Some species, such as golden doodles, require daily brushing to prevent coating of the coat.

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