Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix

Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix is ​​a crossbreed that has been bred in between a pure German shepherd and pure Great Pyrenees dogs.

This breed mix is a great dog with a fluffy coat. They are 25 to 32 inches long and weigh over 80 to 100 pounds and display more German shepherd features.

The Great Pyrenees and German shepherd mix are ​​reliable, intelligent, and protective.

It is well suited for families who have a lot of time to dedicate to training and socialization.

Great Pyrenees German shepherd Mix Overview

Great Pyrenees German shepherd Mix is a beautiful combination of the Great Pyrenees coat and the active, muscular body of the German shepherd.

Both the parent breeds are known for their working line nature, so naturally, the Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix is ​​ready to challenge the hard-working breed (both mentally and physically).

Leaving aside their beautiful appearance, these puppies have kind and gentle nature. They are very loving and sweet to their owners.

They are loyal to their families and eager to protect them.

As long as you have an active lifestyle and can commit to some moderate attire, then they are very easy to take care of.

Overview: Hybrid (Great Pyrenees / German Shepherd).
Purpose: Guarding and also a good family Dog
Height22 to 32 inches
Nature Very Loyal to Owners and Aggressive to Strangers


  • Obedience and protection.
  • Naturally sweet nature.
  • Great with kids of all ages.
  • Make a good watch dog.
  • Training is easy.


  • High exercise requirements.
  • Suffering from many medical conditions.
  • Loud Barking
  • Excessive shedding.

Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix Appearance

Great Pyrenees German Shepherd breeds inherit their majestic appearance from their great Pyrenees ancestors. These guards have sweet coats that often look more like a lion than a dog.

Combining this beautiful breed with the sleek, strong German Shepherd will definitely produce a breathtaking breed.

Few litters may inherit the perky ears of the German Shepherd, while others litter would inherit the floppy ears of the Great Pyrenees.

With their long hair and enormous body, this hybrid will amaze everyone they meet.

Coat and colors

These dogs are known for their sweet fur.

Their beautiful locks are usually medium length and straight. Although most of their body hair is erect, they have high fur around their neck (like a lion mane) that has a wavy or curly shape.

When it comes to color, they usually inherit their coat color from their Great Pyrenees parent – white, black and tan. They usually have solid color coats, but sometimes their coats may have multiple colors like their German Shepherd ancestors.

Because they had very dense coats, the Great Piranese German Shepherd mix fell heavily.

So it is important to brush them daily to avoid tangles and remove dead hair.

Height and weight

Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix

You can expect this dog to be 22-32 inches long.

They are usually 75-120lb in terms of weight.

These alloys are very muscular and look very strong – their huge size is sometimes frightening, yet these hybrids are delicate giants.

Great Pyrenees German shepherd mix temperament

This hybrid takes some of the best personality traits from both the Great Pyrenees and the German Shepherd and combines them into a stately pooch.

This mix inherits the kind, gentle nature of the Great Pyrenees and the loyal and dedicated nature of the German Shepherd. Both parent breeds are highly intelligent, so these dogs are very intelligent.

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Since both parent breeds are working dogs, the Great Pyrenees German Shepherds are very assertive and aggressive when doing things.

German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix‌s are very confident and confident because they are so dedicated to their jobs. They almost never look shy and always turn their heads.

Despite their extreme nature when they work, they are a lot of fun.

The Pyrenees combine love to run and explore and can even get caught up in some riots if they get bored. It is important to play with them often to challenge their minds and deceive their hard-working nature.

Their big bodies have so much energy!

These puppies need to walk and play often to help burn this energy to the fullest. They may be calm and comfortable, but to achieve this nature, you need to make sure you exercise them regularly.

As long as these dogs are socialized from puppies they will be very much in love with other people or pets.

Without socialization, they may not trust strangers.

Is Great Pyrenees German shepherd Mix Good Family Dog?

Until they are socialized from the puppy, the Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix turns out to be an amazing family dog. These pooches are very loving and sweet and blend easily with children and other pets.

Despite appearing large, these dogs are very gentle and patient so they can mingle even with small children.

German Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix Care and exercise requirements

Great Pyrenees German Shepherd blends have a wonderful, sweet nature, perfect for first-time owners.

They are easy to train because of their high intelligence and they generally behave well.

These stately dogs require some moderate care and even considerable exercise every day, so make sure you have the money and time to invest before adopting one of these beautiful hybrids.

Exercise requirements

They are very active dogs and need to be exercised frequently.

Both parent species are used to roaming freely in open meadows. Because of this, they need large yards and spaces to roam – they are very independent and like to explore.

This hybrid mix also likes to walk so if you are not an active person or do not have time to walk with a dog you should look for another dog breed.

Along with the walk, your mix should be given plenty of opportunities to showcase its intelligence. Ideally, you would give these dogs the opportunity to use their livestock, but not everyone will have a flock of sheep in their yard!

Other ways to mentally challenge your coach are to train agility and obedience.

They specialize in tasks such as jumping and running through obstacle courses.

Exercising frequently can prevent any irritation that can lead to destructive behaviors such as digging and chewing.

  • A number of walks per day: 2+.
  • The total exercise required per day: 90+ minutes.

Grooming requirements

Great Pyrenees German Shepherd mixes have excellent fur, but they do not have such silky locks on the surface – they need very good care!

Daily brushing is the first step in maintaining this puppy’s hairstyle. It may be wise to invest in a de-shedding tool to reduce the amount of loose hair ending up everywhere in your home.

The next step in helping your puppy achieve flawless hair is to visit professional groomers regularly once a month depending on the speed at which your dog’s fur is growing.

When it comes to cleaning, make sure you don’t bathe them too often. German shepherds usually have sensitive skin and can easily develop rashes or skin irritations if they bathe too much, so it is best to wash your puppy only when absolutely necessary (maximum once a month).

Look at their skin to see if you are washing your dog too much and take care of any dry patches.

It is also important to keep an eye on your dog’s ears. Great Pyrenees German Shepherd The long hair that grows around the ears easily traps dirt that can eventually get into their ears and lead to infection.

Diet and food

Great Pyrenees German Shepherd mixes are large in size and require a lot of food.

Be careful not to overfeed your puppy because this mixture can lead to obesity.

You should extend their diet to 2-3 meals a day.

It is important to control the diet of these dogs to prevent bloating.

It is also important to choose a diet high in fish oil, glucosamine, and chondroitin to help prevent healthy bone growth and prevent hip/elbow dysplasia.

Keep in mind that German Shepherds usually have sensitive stomachs, so this mix also has a sensitive stomach. If your hybrid has problems with the stomach it is important to consult your veterinarian about the specific diet you should give them.

Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Common health issues

Unfortunately, the Great Pyrenees German Shepherd may suffer from some health problems.

The most common health problems associated with this species are hip and elbow dysplasia. Because of their large height, problems with sockets around their hips and elbows can occur.

They can also suffer from obesity and bloating (gas, food, or fluid in the stomach).

Great Pyrenees German Shepherds may also suffer from von Willebrand disease. This disorder causes the blood to clot.

Heart murmur, cataracts, and epilepsy are also common disorders.

This long list of potential health issues does not guarantee that all Great Pyrenees German Shepherds will suffer from this illness, but it is important to be aware of potential diseases that your dog may develop so you can look for any signs or symptoms. Frequent visits to veterinarians are crucial to detect or prevent many of these disorders in advance.

If you are like most dog parents (or parents), you will take great care of your pet.

How Long Does the Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix Live?

They usually have a lifespan of 10-12 years, provided they are given proper food and necessary medical care is taken.

How to train the Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix

Since these crosses are so clever, it is not that difficult to train one.

These dogs are excited to learn new tricks and eager to please their owners. As with all dog breeds, you should train these puppies from an early age so they do not become too stubborn.

It is important to use positive reinforcements when it comes to training.

Reward good behaviors with good treats and praise. This technique is especially important when training your Great Pyrenees German Shepherd without barking too often.

Give them a constant reward for behaving quietly and calmly rather than punishing them for barking.

This breed is highly intelligent so if you have the time it is a good idea to consider agility training with your Great Pyrenees mix. Running between obstacles and jumping obstacles is mentally and physically exciting and this working race loves the opportunity to complete tasks.

Lastly, although these dogs have a naturally sweet nature, it is important to socialize them from an early age.

Great Pyrenees german shepherd mix price

Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix

Great Pyrenees german shepherd mix puppy from a well-known breeder has a starting price of about $ 1,000. Show Quality dog breeders who only specialize in breeding shepherds can charge more than that. It is not uncommon for Show quality dog breeders to charge more than $ 3,500 for one of these puppies, depending on the parent breed.    

Final ideas

The Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Mix is ​​a big dog that needs strong love, a lot of space, and guaranteed exercise every day. Without it, he may develop behavioral problems and become overly defensive.

If you think you can give him everything he needs, you have found yourself an amazing designer dog. This blend provides the security you and your family need, along with the love and adoration of dogs that we all love.

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