Do German Shepherds Shed all Year?

German Shepherds are highly energetic and excellent dogs. They were bred in Germany for herding. YES, German shepherd dogs shed their hair throughout the year.

German Shepherds are also called “German Shedders”, due to the large amount of hair shed all long the year. They shed hair all through the year but shed a lot during 2 seasons.

The reasons accountable for large shedding of hair can be due to several reasons. But this problem can be solved for sure.

Many people are really not happy with the shedding of the hair of pets. But remember, if you are allergic to it, or not happy with it, then German Shepherd is definitely not your choice.

German Shepherds Shedding Season

German Shepherds are good in colder climates. They can handle extremely cool climates because of their fur. Initially, when they were bred in Germany, to guard the herd, they could resist the cool climate because of the double hair coating they have.

They have double hair coating called the- undercoat, which insulates it against extreme weather conditions and, the-overcoat, which protects it from the sun, snow, ice.

German Shepherds can also have types of outercoats(short, medium or, long), that protect them from weather conditions.  Their genes can also be one of the reasons for the amount of hair they shed.

german shepherd shedding

But, it’s a fact that every German Shepherd shed irrespective of seasons. Change in the amount of daylight and hormonal levels can be one of the reasons for excessive shedding.

Seasonal changes also affect their hair shedding to a great extent. Shedding of hair may be more when the season changes from spring to fall. The reason for this is, the dog, double-coated, sheds their hair more in summer (like we wear in summer) and get prepared for the hot weather conditions.

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This “Blowing out” of fur happens every season, for the dog to get prepared for the seasonal changes.  Another possible reason could be poor nutrition. Let’s discuss it.

Nutrition effect on hair shedding of German Shepherd

An Unhealthy diet can affect the shedding of hair of a German shepherd. It makes their skiing look dry and scaly. Omega 3 and Omega 6 deficiency can also be one of the reasons for excessive shedding. 

On the other hand, a nutritious diet might not help to stop or lessen the shedding but can make them(fur) healthier.

Do German Shepherds Shed all Year?

You need to give a very balanced diet(protein-rich foods and omega acid-rich foods, not corn and grains)  for your shepherd which will help them for the growth of strong fur and skin. Also, take care of the foods they are allergic to.

This might also affect its health(hair and skin).

Dehydration is another prime factor that contributes to excessive shedding. As german shepherds need to exercise more, giving them plenty of freshwaters is more important

Health conditions

Another factor that contributes to excessive air shedding in your German shepherd is its health condition. If your shepherd is unwell or suffering from an undiagnosed disease, it might lead to more hair shedding. Consult your vet for suggestions on this type of issue.

Also watch out for any behavioral differences in your dog, like being aggressive or getting tired soon or any destructive behavior. This can be signs of STRESS, which also causes excess hair shedding.

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In case of stress, it may be due to over-exercising, a problem in adapting to a new place, sickness, or any other reason. Try to find out the problem, so that you can resolve it. Once the problem is resolved, hair shedding decreases.

Other important reasons are:

  • Changes in hormonal levels
  • She may be pregnant
  • It has been spayed in recent times
  • All these are temporary problems and will disappear automatically with time.


This is another major concern in German shepherds. Fleas are parasites that affect the German shepherd’s health. It makes the dog scratch more at the site which results in shedding of fur at that place. Your vet will be able to help you in this regard.

German shepherd shedding solution

German shepherds don’t need frequent bathing because regular wash can make their skin dry and worse. You can bathe your dog once for 5-10 weeks with high-quality shampoos and moisturizers. They help in making the hair shine.

Grooming should be done softly and in the direction of hair growth. Harsh brushing leads to excessive shedding of hair.

Grooming/Brushing hair(using rake brush) at least twice a week can help in reducing the shedding of hair. This should be done daily when the hair sheds.

 A de-shedding tool helps to get the fur to loosen in the undercoat. To get the rest of the loose fur use a soft bristle brush

Shaving a German Shepherd can result in serious health problems as it depends on its hair for its protection against extreme weather conditions.

Ways to Handle Shedding in German Shepherd

Apart from diet, grooming, and diagnosing health conditions, the shedding can be controlled by:

  • Instead of using a carpet, which you won’t be able to clean properly, prefer using wooden floors or tiles.
  • Better to train your dog to stay away from furniture to lessen your problems or you can use alternate methods to cover your furniture.
  • Use HEPA air freshener which filters air and helps with allergies.   
  • You can make your German shepherd stay away from the spaces you don’t want it to enter. This helps to control the fur fly all around the house.
  • Change your clothes after playing with the dog to avoid a few allergies caused due to fur stuck in your clothes.

These are few alternate tips to keep the shedding away, however grooming, diet, and cleaning your home regularly shall help you in problems of shedding.

German Shepherds are social beings and love to mingle with the family members. Be mindful that making them stay out (locked from entering indoors) can affect their mental health. It can make them aggressive.

It has to be treated like a family that enhances its intelligence, make them more playful and a lovely companion.

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