Do German shepherds like Water?

Do German shepherds like Water? German shepherds are dogs like labs, retrievers, and spaniels were not bred to swim. But German Shepherds are famously courageous dogs; they don’t need to be bred to swim.

But German Shepherds love water!

We would not say that all German shepherds like water naturally. Some German shepherds go right into the water, while others must first be comfortable in and around the water.

My Male German Shepherd loves water, but it did not come naturally to him. He was a very confident working German Shepherd.

Initially, we managed to get him into the small spa pool at the age of 4 months in our home, and later he got comfortable.

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We do not think it is natural for all German Shepherds to like water, but surely some of them are only concerned with what to do in a new situation. After showing them how to play with water, many German Shepherds love water.

Do German shepherds like water and loves to swim?

German shepherds like Water

Dogs are naturally averse to water because they don’t like to get wet or dirty. They prefer to be clean and fresh after all.

However, German shepherds are known for thick coats and have heavy hair and naturally, it takes a little more time to get dry.

So, naturally, not only dogs but their dog owners also do not prefer their dog to be wet always.

Are German Shepherds Natural Swimmers?

Are dogs natural swimmers? I hear this question a lot, especially when people talk about their dogs.

Yes, your dogs are dogs, but the question of dogs being natural swimmers should also depend on the dog’s breed.

Are Labs And Goldies Good Swimmers? – Yes! The Labrador retriever and the Golden retriever are two breeds that are known to be great swimmers. This is because they were bred to retrieve items from water.

How To Teach German Shepherds To Swim?

Teaching a German shepherd to swim can be difficult, especially if your dog has some bad memories about water. So, if you are going to train your German shepherd, you need to remember a few things.

But first, make sure your German shepherd can swim without fear of water.

Step-by-Step Guide to Dog Swimming

German shepherds can be trained, but you still need to have the patience to properly train your dog.

Don’t worry though. There are only a few steps to teach your German shepherd to swim. But keep in mind that you need to do this many times.

First, you need to settle on stagnant water for your dog training ground.

Let the German shepherd’s fingers touch the water. Then, slowly immerse your dog in the water.

Also, enter the water so that you can monitor the movements of your German Shepherd limbs.

Give your German Shepherd treats after achieving your goals.

After repeating the above steps repeatedly, the German shepherd should already be accustomed to swimming. If that happens, you can expose your dog to moving water.

Important equipment that is mandatory to teach swimming

When teaching your German shepherd to swim, it is important to have the necessary equipment. Some of the equipment required are:

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Is cold water bad for German Shepherds?

German shepherds like Water

German Shepherds love the water. They often enjoy swimming, but there are rules to keep your dog safe.

Sure, you can’t always prepare for the weather, but you should take steps to keep your dog protected.

First things first: Be aware of the temperatures. German Shepherds love the water, but they can’t survive in it.

Temperatures above 7 °C (45 °F) are safe for the majority of dogs, but temperatures below -6 °C (20 °F) may lead to frostbite or hypothermia for dogs as an after effect.

It might not seem too cold when you’re in the pool but it may feel much different when your wet dog jumps out and starts running about.

So it is advisable to can check the temperature by dipping a toe or gloved hand into the water.

Why Might a German Shepherd Not Like The Water?

German Shepherds are all special; Some may like water, some may not. If your dog hates water, there may be a reason behind its reluctance or distrust of water.

They were not exposed enough as a puppy

It’s no secret that puppies are easier to train and influence than older dogs. If your German Shepherd puppy is not exposed to water enough, they may not want to be exposed to water when they are older.

They can certainly still learn to like water and enjoy swimming, but it may take a little more patience and training to get there.

They have bad water-related experience

If your German Shepherd has had a tragic painful experience with water in the past, they may be more resistant to water in the future.

If a German Shepherd hates bathing or is afraid of swimming, they should cancel that bad experience in advance of how they feel about the water.

If this is your dog, start slowly. Play with a hose on their feet on a hot day or dip their feet in a kiddie pool. Give them a lot of positive reinforcements to help them understand that this type of water is good. It keeps them on the right track to enjoy the water and swim.

Do German shepherds drink a lot of water?

Yes, German Shepherds are considered to be medium-large dogs and surely will drink more water than smaller breed dogs.

Large dog breeds such as German Shepherds need good water to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, an adult German shepherd dog needs up to 2.5 liters of water per day to maintain good health.

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