The 5 Best Dog Ramps for Older Dogs: Buyer Guide and Reviews 2022

Dog Ramps for Older Dogs: Older dogs have different needs than their younger counterparts. Dog ramps are a perfect solution for these aged companions because they allow them to access the backseat of your car or even get up onto the bed.

As the years pass, our dogs may experience some issues with their mobility. The same can happen to dogs as the aging process progresses.

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If you’re looking for a way to improve your dog’s mobility and make it easier for them to get around during these times, a dog ramp might be a great solution for you! Here are a few of the best options out there.

You’ll find many types, designs, and dimensions of dog ramps on the market so it’s important to do your research before making a purchase.

At a Glance: Here are our Best Dog Ramps for Older Dogs

Best Overall Ramp for Cars or SUVs: Pet Gear Free Standing Ramp for Cats and Dogs

Best Overall Steps for Beds and Couches: PetSafe CozyUp Bed Ramp for Dogs

Softest Steps for Small Dogs: Gen7Pets Natural Step Ramp

New Design and Highly Durable: TRIXIE Heavy Duty 69″ Telescoping Pet Ramp

Best for Small/Medium Dogs on Sofas: Daerky Height Adjustable 2-In-1 Dog Stairs and Dog Ramp

Pet Gear Free Standing Ramp for Cats and Dogs

Pet Gear Free Standing Ramp for Cats and Dogs. Great for SUV’s or use Next to your Bed. 4 Models to Choose from, Supports 200-300 lbs, Lightweight Easy-Fold Design, supertraX - Up to 300 pounds, chocolate, one size fits all
  • supertraX tread is soft to the touch and washable
  • Easy fold for compact storage
  • Rubberized bottom grippers for secure placement
  • Raised edges help prevent slipping off the side

The pet gear free-standing ramp for cats and dogs is an excellent choice for those with limited mobility or who live in homes with steps. The four models available are designed to be used in the car, next to your bed, next to a sofa, or inside a door frame. This light and easy-to-fold ramp supports up to 300 pounds and folds flat for convenient storage.


  • Pet Gear Free Standing Ramp for Cats and Dogs is perfect for your SUV or if you need something next to your bed.
  • The pet ramp has a 12″ deep, 24″ long, and 27″ high ramp that is a non-slip surface on top with a textured bottom that provides traction for pets on wheeled wheelchairs, carriages, carts, and wheeled carriers.
  • This ramp has been designed to be lightweight so you can take it where you want it which makes it easy to move from vehicle to vehicle.
  • It also folds

PetSafe CozyUp Bed Ramp for Dogs

PetSafe CozyUp Bed Ramp - Durable Wooden Frame Supports up to 120 lb - Furniture Grade Wood Pet Ramp with White Finish - High-Traction Carpet Surface - Great for Older Dogs and Cats
  • CONTINUE CUDDLE TIME: Use the ramp to help your best friend...
  • SAFETY TESTED & DURABLE: This strong ramp is independently...
  • DECORATIVE: White, wood finish adds a decorative element to...
  • NO SLIPPING: Heavy-duty carpet cover keeps your pet from...

The PetSafe CozyUp Bed Ramp for Dogs is an attractive, dog-friendly solution to the problem of struggling to get onto the bed.

It’s designed in a modular fashion with ramps and steps in various positions so that it can be customized to suit any individual set-up.

The CozyUp Bed Ramp is made in Canada with North American pine wood and comes preassembled.

In response to this demand, PetSafe has launched a new product called CozyUp. This bed ramp for dogs is designed to provide a comfortable and cozy spot for pets during cold nights. The ramp is made from water-resistant fabric and comes with a heavy-duty, machine washable cover.


  • This Bed Ramp can make it easier for your dog to get on the bed.
  • The PetSafe CozyUp Bed Ramp is a ramp that attaches securely to the headboard of your bed and allows your dog to get up and down easily.
  • Made of durable plastic, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking or wearing out under stress.
  • This is great for assisting dogs with joint problems in getting on and off the bed.
  • Provides easy access to beds for older pets who might not be able to jump up on their own.

Gen7Pets Natural Step Ramp

Gen7Pets Natural Step Ramp for Vehicles, 72 Inch
  • Natural Step Ramp For Vehicles: Designed for safety and...
  • Easy On The Go: Your dog will feel safe to walk up and down...
  • Approved By Best Friends: Gen7Pets full line of products...
  • Best Safety: Through quality, smartly designed products,...

Gen7Pets is a small company that manufactures natural step dog ramps for pets of all sizes.

These ramps are made out of recycled rubber and are designed to be low-to-the-ground, making it easier for older dogs with arthritis or joint pain to traverse from different surfaces.

The company offers many safety features, such as nonslip material on the ramp and a safety stop bar at the bottom to prevent accidents.

The ramp can accommodate all breeds of dogs and cats at any stage of life. The NSD features a no-slip surface which helps with stability.


  • The natural step dog ramp is a safe and convenient way for pets to access couches, beds, or any other place on the ground.
  • The sturdy design provides reliable support and can be used anywhere, indoors or out.
  • It’s highly durable and long lasting.
  • Made of polypropylene plastic which won’t rust or rot like metal ramps.

TRIXIE Heavy Duty 69″ Telescoping Pet Ramp

TRIXIE Heavy Duty 69" Telescoping Pet Ramp, Lightweight Aluminum, Portable Dog Ramp, Car Ramp, Extra Long
  • Always Together - Use the compact telescoping ramp to help...
  • Compact Storage - Ramp easily slides down to a smaller, more...
  • Adjustable Sizing - The adjustable telescoping ramp provides...
  • Safe and Durable - This strong ramp is made of durable...

The TRIXIE Heavy Duty 69″ Telescoping Pet Ramp is a 2-in-1 dog and cat ramp that is made of durable, lightweight plastic and extends up to 3 feet.

This pet ramp can be used by cats and small dogs that weigh up to 60 pounds, and it takes just two steps for the ramp to fold down.

The optional handgrips offer additional assistance in climbing the stairs.


  • This pet ramp is made of durable plastic and can be used indoors or outdoors.
  • The length of this ramp is 69 inches long and accommodates for a height between 24″ to 36″.
  • This pet ramp can extend up to 4 feet (120″) and also has a width of 18″ wide.
  • It comes with a 1 year warranty and is available in multiple colors.

Daerky Height Adjustable 2-In-1 Dog Stairs and Dog Ramp

Daerky Height Adjustable 2-In-1 Dog Stairs And Dog Ramp. Pet Stairs Are Adjustable To 21、19、17 In .Pet Ramps Are Adjustable To 17、13 In,Thickened Carpet,Made Of Solid Wood,Only Suitable For Small Dogs
  • 【MULTIPLE HEIGHTS CAN BE ADJUSTED】:The dog stair height...
  • 【A DUAL-PURPOSECAN 】: Two modes are available. Choose...
  • 【NO NEED TO ASSEMBLE】:The product is integrally formed...
  • 【SURFACE THICKENED CARPET】: The surface is covered with...

Daerky is proud to present the new Daerky Height Adjustable 2-In-1 Dog Stairs and Dog Ramp.

The Daerky height-adjustable ramp for dogs also called a dog ramp, is perfect for helping your pet adjust to stairs or other obstacles.

The height of the ramp can be adjusted to six levels in increments of 1 inch and can go in either direction up or down in size in addition to flipping it over to create a dog stair setup.

Fitness can be hard to maintain for our aging pets. Luckily, the Daerky height-adjustable, 2-in-1 dog stairs and dog ramp are designed to make your pet’s exercise routine easier.

This easy-to-use set of stairs was designed with ease in mind. The set includes a sturdy ramp that is highly durable, as well as two stair levels that are perfect for large or small dogs.


  • The Daerky dog stairs help your dog get onto any couch, bed, car seat, or chair
  • Pet stairs are durable and lightweight
  • The two-in-one design of the portable dog stairs turns into a ramp that helps your pup reach any height
  • Folds away for easy storage
  • Easy to clean with just soap and water

Dog Ramp Buyer’s Guide

For those of you, who are looking to buy a new dog ramp, fear not! This article is here to help you find the perfect one for your furry friend.

A dog ramp can be used for small or large dogs with varying abilities and is specifically designed for your dog’s needs. Dog ramps are also an excellent option if you want to avoid any stairs in your home.

Different Types of Dog Ramps

Dog ramps are used to gradually increase the height of a dog’s hindquarters so that the animal can climb upstairs or step onto taller furniture.

Dog ramps can be made of plastic, wood, and metal and come in various widths and lengths to accommodate different types of dogs.

There are three main types: one with a gradual slope, one with a steep slope, and one that is straight up. The type you choose will depend on your dog’s age and incline ability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do You Need a Dog Ramp for Older Dogs?

As our dog’s age, mobility becomes more difficult. This also means that it’s increasingly difficult for them to go up or downstairs. If you own a dog, this may be an issue you soon face. One solution is to purchase a ramp of some sort so your pup can get up and down the stairs with ease.

It’s often difficult to tell when an older dog begins to develop arthritis, but it can happen at any age. Older dogs can sometimes need ramps to get into vehicles or onto furniture that is too high.

Scooters are also helpful because they allow older dogs a way to walk without putting weight on their joints.

Dog ramps and scooters provide a solution for many common lifestyle changes that come with aging.

What Are The Benefits of Dog Ramps?

Many people don’t know that there are many different ways to use dog ramps in your home. Dog ramps provide an easy way to assist walking dogs with joint problems, spinal paralysis, arthritis, or any other physical limitation.

It is also possible to use dog ramps for elevating food or water bowls, providing a surface for dogs that cannot jump up on furniture, and for dogs that need assistance running upstairs.

They help people get their dogs in and out of vehicles, up or downstairs, or up or down to another level.

They can also be used to help pets get onto the couch, furniture, bed, countertop, or any elevated surface.

Dog ramps come in different sizes depending on the height desired and the weight of the pet.


In conclusion, the five best ramps for old dogs are the Pet Gear Free Standing Ramp for Cats and Dogs , PetSafe CozyUp Bed Ramp for Dogs , Gen7Pets Natural Step Ramp, TRIXIE Heavy Duty 69″ Telescoping Pet Ramp and Daerky Height Adjustable 2-In-1 Dog Stairs and Dog Ramp .

If your dog is aging or has already gotten injured in the past, any of the ramps I have mentioned would be perfect for them. They are all easy to assemble and use, which makes life easier for both you and your pup.

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