Why Is My Dog Licking His Butt?

Dog Licking His Butt: Dogs are always licking themselves, but most dog owners don’t know why. A dog is not just cleaning itself with its tongue, it is also responding to allergic reactions, protecting an injury or providing relief from pain.

Some dogs lick their butt to remove dirt or debris that has accumulated near the base of their tail.

When this is the case, the problem can be solved by simply brushing your pet’s back fur with a grooming tool.

Why Do Dogs Lick Their Butts? Common Causes

A dog’s tongue has around 100 million bacteria and 20 million viruses. Some dogs may have more of one type of bacteria or virus, but overall, there are a lot.

This can be bad for humans because dogs are often carriers of illnesses that humans cannot fight off on their own. One example is the parvovirus that can lead to death if not treated.

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Dogs lick their backs for a variety of reasons. Some dogs lick their backs because they have fleas, some lick to remove dead skin, and some lick because they are allergic to certain foods.

The good news is that there are a few things you can do if your dog starts licking his back excessively.

A possible cause of excessive licking has to do with the health of the dog’s stomach.

Preventing Your Dog from Licking Their Butt

Have you ever noticed your dog licking its back excessively? Your dog might be in pain, or it could be that something is irritating the area.

There are a few things you can do if your dog starts licking his back excessively.

  • One thing you can try is to give your dog some food that contains an omega-3 fatty acid supplement.
  • Another way of dealing with this issue is to give him more baths, which will help reduce bacteria and dry his skin.
  • Adding oils or ointments to the bath can also be beneficial, as they will help restore the skin’s natural moisture balance and fight bacteria and fungus.
  • Another way to limit excessive licking is by giving your dog more comfortable bedding.

If none of these remedies work, then it may be time to call your veterinarian’s office for more information on what else they recommend.

Allergies in the Skin Around Your Dog’s Bum

Allergies in the skin around a dog’s bottom can have serious repercussions. When a dog experiences irritation from allergies below its tail, it will often lick and scratch at the area.

This licking and scratching can cause the skin to become infected, which can lead to a cycle of itching, licking, and scratching that is difficult for owners to break without professional help.

Infected anal glands in dogs

Anal glands in dogs can become infected because of bacteria and parasites. When the glands become infected, they produce a thick fluid that has an odor.

The anal glands produce this fluid to help with waste removal.

Infected anal glands can be symptomatic if they cause itching and pain when urinating, scooting due to discomfort in the rectal area and defecating. Symptoms may also include thick discharge and blood in the faces.


In conclusion, dog owners should not be alarmed if their dog is licking his back.

It is most likely nothing to worry about, but if the behavior persists it could be a sign of an infection or skin irritation. If this occurs, contact your veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment options.

Dog owners should know that if their dog is licking his back, it is probably nothing to worry about.

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