5 Strong Reasons Why Your Dog Sits So Close to You

Your Dog Sits So Close to You? When it comes to dogs, sitting close is key. Dogs are bred to be pack animals and as such, they need to be near their owners in order to stay safe.

They are attracted to the warmth and security that comes with being near a person. Dogs also like to be in close proximity to people because they crave human attention and company.

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Additionally, dogs learn best when they are around people who are familiar with them and someone who is always keeping an eye on them.

If you’re not careful, your dog will become one of those familiar faces and may start following you around.

Why does my dog sits so close to me?

Most people think of dogs as friendly companions, but some people think that certain dog breeds are more devoted to their humans than others. One breed that is often seen as devoted to its human companions is the German Shepherd.

In fact, many GSDs sit so close to their owners that they can be said to be almost lapdogs. If you’re considering a GSD for your pet, there are several reasons why you might want to consider this breed.

One reason is that German Shepherds are intelligent and curious dogs. They love exploring new surroundings and will never stop asking questions even if they’re not given any answers. This makes them perfect for families with children or other pets who want a dog who will always be up for a game of catch or tag.

5 Strong reasons why your dog sits so close to you

To seek your attention

Your dog may want your attention because they feel like you’re their leader or because they think you’re a favorite person. Regardless of the reason, sitting so close to you makes them feel like they have a place in your life.

Dogs that are left alone can develop problems such as anxiety, depression, and even PTSD. Dogs who are constantly Seek Attention from their owners may not get the attention they need and should be taken to a dog obedience class in order to learn how to properly take care of them.

They feel secure with you

Dogs have been known to feel secure when they are with their owners, according to a study. The study found that dogs who felt secure had lower levels of anxiety and depression symptoms than those who did not. The study was conducted by the University of Cambridge in England. In order to test the claim, the study made use of video footage of dogs sitting with their owners.

The results showed that while dogs who felt secure tended to have higher levels of anxiety and depression symptoms, they did not have significantly higher levels of stress or fear compared to those who did not feel secure. This support for the idea that dogs feel secure when they are with their owners comes from research that has been conducted over the years.

Your Dog is trying to protect you

Dogs are known for their protective behavior, but there could be a possible reason why. Some experts believe that dogs may be feeling protective of their owners because they feel like they are the only ones who can provide them with love and connection.

Separation anxiety

Dogs who are anxious about being separated from their owners often sit close to their owners during mating rituals. This is because dogs feel anxiety when they’re alone and can’t get close to their owner. Separation anxiety is a common condition in dogs, and it’s important to learn how to deal with it so that your dog can live a happy life without worrying about being alone.

When they are sick

Many people think that their dog sits so close to them when they are sick or suffering from fever as a good practice. This is because dogs have been known to smell tired and heat up when they are feeling sick or hot. Additionally, humans can feel the dog’s heat and sickness through their bodies, so sitting close to the dog helps both of you barely get in touch.


However, once you’ve determined that your dog is begging, you can address the issue. It’s lovely to have your dog next to you, but not when they’re staring at your meal. Never rewarding begging is one of the simplest ways to discourage a dog from begging. As in, never feed them when they’re sitting next to you.

Consider redirecting your dog to their bed or a location on the floor before giving them a goodie. This positive reinforcement strategy should help your dog learn that they get goodies on the floor, not right next to you!

We hope you discovered why your dog is sitting so close to you. We also hope that you and your dog like this activity and that if not, you have the skills to correct this behavior.

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