Why is My Dog Licking My Ears? Important Things to Know

Why is My Dog Licking My Ears? We love our dogs, and often the things we like most about them are their funny behaviors.

What we think is cute or ingenious is very often the communication to our dog.

Most of these behaviors are linked to evolutionary behavior or as a means of communication from your pooch.

Your dog seems to like to lick your ears. And why do dogs try to lick your ears? Well, this is a widely discussed question in the dog expert community.

So, why does my dog ​​lick my ears?

For some, this behavior is hilarious, while for others it may seem a bit gross. No matter what your opinion on it, it is a typical behavior for dogs. But, have you ever asked yourself why dogs do this?

1. Affection

The most reason your dog will hit you or someone else’s ears are a show of love. There are sources for this behavior when dogs live in packs.

Dog Licking Ears

Pressing another dog’s ears showed that the recipient had accepted the dog into the pack.

So, if your dog is licking your ears, it will feel comfortable and safe in your presence. You are accepted in your dog family to talk.

2. Respect

Your dog may even lick your ears to show you a sign of respect. Submissive signs that your dog recognizes you as the owner.

The same is true if your dog grabs your face or your feet.

3. Boredom

Of course, there may be a more straightforward explanation – your dog is bored and wants to tell you that it’s time for them to play the game! If your dog does not get enough stimulation, they may resort to this behavior. Keeping them active with plenty of toys and treats usually stops ear laughing.

4. Attire

As already mentioned, attire is a symbol of honor that leads to animal pack behavior. By tapping your ears or face, your dog thinks it will help keep you clean.

So, no need for those scented bottles in the bathroom!

5. Taste

We experienced our dogs hitting something very gross. Well, tapping your ears will make your dog try to catch some delicious earwax!

Dogs can smell even the slightest trace of food, so any smear left around the chin or facial area will immediately get them saliva.

6. Infection or compulsion

If another dog is licking at your dog’s ears, you may want to look closely. Odors attract dogs, and those odors often stem from an ear infection.

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Examine your dog’s ears and look for swelling, inflammation, worms or excessively dirty ear canals.

If you notice any of these, it is a good idea to address them immediately, as ear infections can be very painful if left untreated in your dog.

If you know your dog has an ear infection, keep them away from other dogs to discourage ear laughter, which can make the condition worse.

What is ear licking?

Dogs communicate in a variety of ways. Dogs find ways to “talk” from body language to facial expressions.

Licking the ears is another way to communicate, even if it seems a little gross, it is a simple form of showing affection.

Dog Licking Ears

Sure, this type of dog behavior says “I love you” and “we are part of the same pack” regardless of breed.

Can I get an ear infection from my dog’s ear licking?

The risk of ear infection from a dog biting your ear is very low. However some groups can be harmed such as babies and those at high risk of infection and in these cases it is better to stop the dog laughing.

How can my dog ​​nibble on me with his front teeth?

Nibbling your dog with its front teeth is undoubtedly a natural behavior, especially for young puppies. It is a natural behavior and is one of the most frequent dental behaviors

How to stop my dog’s ears from licking?

You can admire licking or sobbing your ears with your pet, but other people may not find it so appealing. So, how can you prevent this behavior from becoming an embarrassing situation?

One solution that most experts recommend is to keep your dog’s food inside the toy. Your dog needs to focus and work to get its delicious gift.

Occupying their mind in this way will take their attention away from your, or someone else’s ear. This distraction method has been proven to provide exceptional results.

Another way to distract your dog from boredom that causes ear laughter is to take them for a short walk.

Do this as soon as they start laughing, or, even better, if you notice the behavior early on before they start laughing.

Mentioning a walk or getting in the way of your dog is enough to excite them and make them forget about your ears!

Like setting up or reforming any other habit, you need time and repetition to get the permanent effects you want.

Whatever method you choose, keep it up and in the end, you should see some positive results.

You may not eliminate the behavior completely, but it may happen less often than before.

Some occasionally see this as a beautiful and loving behavior to lick the ear, while others see it as annoying and gross.

Final Points

It is up to you as the pet lover to decide what appropriate behavior is and do anything to allow or discourage it. Either way, make sure you show your puppy love and care.

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