Variocage by 4×4 North America Crash Tested Dog Cage Review

Variocage by 4×4 North America is a new dog cage that has been designed to provide your pet with maximum safety and comfort. Variocage was created with the intention of providing a safer and more comfortable environment for both you and your dog.

4x4 North America MIM Safe Single - Crash Tested Dog Cage, Single L+ / (00379)
  • The only dog transport cage to pass front, rear and...
  • MIM Safe - Manufacturer of Crash Tested Automotive Safety...
  • 18 Sizes with Adjustable Length to Designed to Fit Most Dogs...
  • Locking Door with Gas Hydraulic Motion Springs

Quick Points

  • 4×4 North America 00379 Crash Tested Dog Cage is made from heavy-duty steel for strength and durability
  • This dog cage features a secure, built-in wire gate that opens and closes easily
  • The 4×4 North America 00379 Crash Tested Dog Cage also includes a secure handle for easy transport
  • This dog cage is perfect for guarding your pet while you’re away or keeping them safe while you’re at work
  • This dog cage is perfect in case of any accident happens during the transportation or travel

The Variocage by 4 4 North America is a crash tested dog transport cage that has been designed to protect your pet in the event of an accident. The cage is made out of high quality materials and has been designed to keep your pet safe during transport.

It comes with a secured door that prevents your pet from escaping and a comfortable bed that allows them to rest.

Variocage by 4X4 North America Features

Crash Test Certified

Variocage by 4X4 North America is a crash test certified dog cage. Variocage cages are able to protect to the core in a crash than traditional cages or kennels, which can help prevent injuries.

This was carried out by the SP Technical Research Institute in Sweden and included a number of different tests, ranging from a simulation of a frontal collision to a drop test.

All of the tests demonstrated that the crate, which has a gravitational force capacity of up to 28G, is more than capable of fulfilling its role as a protector for your canine companion.

 To put this into perspective, it would take approximately 16G of force to cause a fatal injury in the event of a collision.

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It indicates that the building’s construction, as well as its materials and design, are up to the standards set by the national safety administration. In this manner, you will be able to have peace of mind knowing that even in the most catastrophic of circumstances; your dog will be secure within the travel crate.

Included Crumple Zone for the Purpose of Shock Absorption

A crumple zone is one of the features that contribute to the overall high level of safety that this carriage offers for your pet. Without turning this into an entire class on physics, this is a system that is built into the crate that is designed to, in essence, absorb the force that is caused by an impact in the event of an accident.

 It pretty much slows down the forces that are acting on the crate, which in turn prevents or at the very least minimizes the level of injury that could occur. It is what is found in cars and rail carts for protection against high-velocity collisions, and it is truly the most effective way to protect your furry best friend while you are traveling with them.

Construction Made of Powder-Coated Steel of the Highest Quality

The utilization of powder-coated steel is yet another significant factor that has significantly contributed to the high safety rating of the Variocage 4X4.

Because steel is one of the most durable materials available, it is an excellent choice for use as a safety crate when you are traveling with your dog in a vehicle. The sole purpose of the powder coating is to enhance the material’s strength as well as its overall durability.

It prevents corrosion and chipping, both of which would have otherwise led to a faster deterioration of the material, which could have had potentially disastrous results.

 Because of this, as well as the expert design and high-quality construction techniques, it is not only risk-free but also long-lasting, which ensures that you will get your money’s worth.

The exit Window in Case of Emergency

The last thing you want is for your furry best friends to be trapped and endangered in a crate that was designed for their protection in the event that an accident occurs while they are traveling in your vehicle with you. Because of this, the escape hatch that is included on the Variocage 4X4 is a feature that should be celebrated. This exit is located on the opposite side of the crate from the front, and it features quick-release knobs for convenient access. This way, you’ll be able to get your dogs out of harm’s way and away from the danger as quickly as you possibly can.

The Lockable Doors Have Gas Hydraulic Motion Springs On Them.

In addition to being an excellent safety unit in the event of accidents, the Variocage 4X4 manufactured by North America is an excellent method for restraining your dogs while they are traveling in a vehicle. Whether you are just going a short distance or going on a long trip, this will come in very handy if you have a dog that enjoys the freedom of moving around in the car with you.

The door locks are one component that contributes to making this a reality. The hydraulic motion springs make it very easy for you to pop the cage open and to close it without allowing the dog the freedom to do the same and wreak havoc while you are driving. This is made possible by the fact that the springs are hydraulic.

It provides security via key locks in addition to padlocks.

There are two different approaches you can take if you want to make your crate even more secure. The first type is a lock that requires a key. Because the double crate has two individual doors, each of which has its own set of keys, it will be much easier for you to remove your dogs from the vehicle one at a time and then place them back inside without causing too much of a fuss.

 In order to add an extra layer of protection, you also have the choice to use a padlock. For this purpose, the Variocage crate has padlock mounts that are conveniently located and easy to access, allowing for speedy locking and unlocking of the crate.

Grills That Are Sufficiently Wide to Allow for Both Visibility and Breathability

Vacations in the car with dogs are enjoyable for all parties involved, including the four-legged passengers. Because of how much they enjoy the views and the breezes, it is essential to make certain that the trip does not interfere with either of these aspects.

The grill design on the Variocage is extremely helpful in situations like this one. Because of how far apart the rods are, your dog will be able to see everything that is going on around you while you are driving.

Cons of Variocage

Despite the fact that there are so many wonderful things that can be said about the Variocage safety crate, there are a few disadvantages that we encountered while utilizing it. The good news is that they are relatively minor annoyances that, in the grand scheme of things, will probably not significantly impact your experience with it.

In either case, it is essential to be aware of it in order to ensure that you are adequately prepared to make a choice based on accurate information. So without further ado, let’s go over some of the more inconsequential drawbacks.

The Assembly Process May be Challenging

The Variocage 4X4 North America is not the easiest crate to assemble, based on both my own personal experience with the product as well as the experiences of many other reviewers who have used the product. The crate is delivered to you in a disassembled state and with a variety of its component parts. There is an instruction manual included in the package, and its purpose is to assist in providing direction and assistance throughout the process of assembly.

It is not the easiest manual to follow, which makes the setting up process more difficult, despite the fact that there are details and pictures included. You are in luck because there are a ton of resources available on the internet, such as this video, that can help simplify your life and get you to the point where you can start enjoying your crate as quickly as humanly possible.

Not Super Comfortable For 2 Very Large Dogs

As was previously stated, the Variocage 4X4 is offered in a number of different dimensions. However, even the maximum size option for the double crate might not be enough space for extremely large dogs, which is a complaint that is frequently voiced in the community by people who have tried the product and found it wanting.

This includes the likes of giant dog breeds like Great Danes and Mastiffs, among other similar breeds. Large dogs, such as Rottweilers, present their own unique set of challenges in this regard. With the latter, the animals will be able to fit, but there may not be much room for them to move around comfortably, particularly if both sections are occupied by equally large dogs.

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