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GSDS and wolfs

Irish wolfhound and German shepherd Mix: Complete Guide before Adopting.

Irish wolfhound and German shepherd Mix, a rare combo but this is for someone who likes to experiment with breeds and...
overweight german shepherd

Is My German Shepherd Overweight? How to Understand

Is My German Shepherd Overweight? How big are the German shepherds? These are just common questions that...
german shepherd puppies

How to Take Care of Newborn German Shepherd Puppies and Mother

German shepherd Puppies will grow big and are agile dogs who are very intelligent and loyal companions. German shepherds need regular health...
Dog Urine smell

What neutralizes dog urine smell on concrete? Home Made Odor Removing Technique.

Dog urine smell stays long on a surface because it is made of a combination of ammonia, bacteria, hormones, and uric...
dog sleeping

How to Improve the Quality of Your Dog’s Sleep?

Being a dog owner, you need to take a lot of care about so many things. Pet care is not an easy...
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