Plush Coat German Shepherd: Difference between Plush Coat and Long Coat

Do you know what an expensive German Shepherd is? Have you ever heard of the word plush coat German Shepherd? If you are not sure what this means, I will do my part here to make the concept of the ambiguous words easier to understand.

The plush coat is an American word and is not the official word to describe coat length in German Shepherd Dog. This means that the coat is more ‘plush’ than the short coat and is more prominent in the show ring. It’s basically a long, full coat.

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As we discussed earlier on this site German Shepherd dogs basically come in 3 coat lengths: they are standard, plush, and coated. So what does that mean? How do you know which coat your GSD is wearing?

Plush Coat German Shepherd

To make it even easier I will also add pictures below to further explain the topics discussed here. So first let’s talk about the standard coat. This is the coat most German Shepherds wear.

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Standard coated GSDs have small coats that are very close to the dog’s body. These German Shepherds usually have short undercoats. So, it might help if you think this way – standard coated German Shepherds wear their fur close to their body – cutting their hair close to their skull like a kind of soldier.

What is a plush coat German Shepherd?

Plush Coat German Shepherds have much longer hair compared to standard coated dogs and have a much fuller undercoat. Their hair is thicker, fuller, and longer than the stock coat. So an expensive coat is shorter than a long coat but more expensive or longer than a stock coat.

Plush Coat German Shepherd

Now coated GSDs are very different. Coated German Shepherds are also known as Long Coated German Shepherds. As their description suggests, these GSDs have a very long coat around their ears, behind their legs and on the chest and tail with long fur. These long feathers (aka feathering) are very beautiful and make dogs look almost like “coli” – just talk about the coat.

Which coat German Shepherd is best?

A double coat with a medium length is considered highly desirable. This type of coat can be very hostile depending on the dog. A short coat is sometimes considered acceptable by racial criteria.

What’s the most expensive German Shepherd?

But what are the most expensive German Shepherds you ask? Well, basically when it comes to coats they are between standard quoted GSDs and quoted German Shepherds – but they are close to the standard quote dogs overall. Plush-coated GSDs do not have any feathers.

Expensive Coat German Shepherds have very long hair and a very full undercoat compared to standard coated dogs. Their coat is thicker, thicker, and longer than a standard coated GSD – and it is also very clear to the touch and the eyeball.

But to make it even easier, I will illustrate with a few pictures here to make the point a little easier to understand. So, I hope these descriptions and pictures will help you to better understand the difference between standard, coated, and expensive German Shepherds.

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