How Cold Is Too Cold for German Shepherds?

How Cold Is Too Cold for German Shepherds? You and your German Shepherd dog can enjoy the most beneficial and fun outdoor activities during the winter.

Most German shepherds love to play in the snow, jumping and jumping through small streams and taking long walks in cold temperatures so they do not hesitate.

However, you may wonder what temperature is too cold for other dogs and your German Shepherd dog. Lets have a quick review of that.

Things that affect your dog’s ability to handle the cold

Each German shepherd dog is unique and treats the cold differently depending on a number of factors like their furr coats.

  • Coat length. The jacket should hold on when you step out the door when the temperatures drop but don’t forget that your dog has a built-in coat. The coat of a short-haired GSD, provides some automatic protection from mild cold weather.Then there are some long-haired “cold-weather” German shepherds, such as the double coated german shepherds, which are naturally adapted to deep winters.
  • Body weight. Whales, polar bears, walruses and other cold-weather mammals increase cold-tolerance with body fat. While you may not want to pack your dog on pounds for this purpose, it is still true that a heavy dog ​​is more comfortable in the cold than the same dog that weighs less.
  • Color. Dark colors generally absorb light and heat, while light colors reflect it. So dogs with a black or brown coat are a little warmer than dogs with a white or grey coat.
  • Age. Older dogs may be less able to control their body temperature and may not tolerate cold weather. And don’t forget to protect your puppies too!
  • Size. Puppies find it very difficult to create and capture their body heat, so they can cool down more quickly than large dogs.
  • Height. Small species are close to snow and cool very quickly.

How cold is too cold for German Shepherd dogs?

It depends on the particular type of dog, there are some guidelines that can help you estimate when he can go out and whether it is best for him to stay indoors.

45 ° F. Most dogs are naturally comfortable at this temperature even without the help of a dog jacket.

too cold for German Shepherds

32 F is the temperature at which normal water begins to freeze, and this is the temperature at which some dogs begin to feel very cold.

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Again, it depends on the individual dog, but older, younger and younger dogs can really start to feel cold and need to be monitored to make sure they are not too uncomfortable at this temperature.

20 ° F. This is where things start to feel really cold and dangerous conditions like frostbite and hypothermia are possible. Beware!

What temperature is too cold for dogs?

In very cold and icy weather, you may notice your dog holding his paws as he goes out, hunch or shake – this is the way to tell him that he’s too cold and it’s time to go inside, Pronto! You can also take some extra steps to keep your dog warm.

Intervals that are considered trivial. Some dogs can tolerate very cold weather for a minute or two — just enough to walk quickly to relieve themselves. Small dogs may need a temporary indoor location for bathroom breaks.

Cold-weather gear. Short-haired breeds like a dog jacket or parka can help retain body heat, even when they are going out briefly. You can also experiment with dog shoes that protect his feet from the cold, but most dogs do not like to wear them.

Heat help. If your dog spends some time in a garage, barn or driveway setting, he may enjoy the protection of a thermo tent that comes with an electric heated pad to keep it warm. Indoors, try a thermo-snugly sleeper. (Concerned about the safety of electric heated beds? check before using that these items are safety tested.)

Cold-Weather Hydration

You know your dog needs plenty of water on a hot summer afternoon, but it is important to keep your dog boiled in the cold. Humidity levels are low in winter, and the air inside a heated home is also very dry.

If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors in the winter, you may want to consider giving him a bowl of open heated water to keep his water from freezing and more attractive to drink.

You and your dog do not need to get winter blues. You go out and be safe and enjoy the outdoors then and then come back inside for the movie in front of the fireplace!

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