German shepherd Wolf Mix Breed – Should you adopt or No?

German Shepherd Wolf Mix is a famous wolf dog. As the name suggests, the wolf dog is a domestic dog and a hybrid formed as a result of cross-breeding of the wolf.

These breeds are cannot be considered pure breeds and are commonly referred to as mutts.

Although wolf dogs can be trained to become cute, affectionate, and loving companions, they are not the right choice of pet for the average dog owner.

Keep in mind that it is illegal to own such breeds in many areas, so if you lose your dog and he ends up at a local shelter, you may not be able to get your furry friend back.

Here is everything you need to know about race if you are adopting:

Wolf dogs are not the best for new owners, they are friendly, cute and loving companions but not suitable for the average owner.

German Shepherd Wolf Mix is ​​a well-known and unique breed of traditional German Shepherds and wolves.

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This breed is also known as “Wolf Dogs” or “Hybrids”. The term “hybrid” is not technically correct because dogs and wolves belong to the same species.

In some areas, it is illegal to own this mix. If you lose your dog it will take local shelter and you will not be able to get your friend back.

If you are going to adopt a German Shepherd Wolf Mix dog you should have full knowledge.

German shepherd Wolf Mix Breed History

The German Shepherd is a relatively new breed and came into existence only in 1899. Captain Max von Stefanitz, captain in Germany, can be credited with creating this dog breed.

Stefanitz wanted a dog that did not match the breeding dog and so began experimenting with dog breeding.

Then one day in 1899, a wolf-like dog caught his attention and he immediately bought the dog and worked hard to find out more about the dog’s offspring.

Later, the dog and his offspring were used to create the German Shepherd breed.

A few years later, the German Shepherd Wolf was later crossbred with wolves by the German Shepherd to create the mix.

Are wolf-dogs aggressive?

As with any race, nature and temperament vary according to ancestry. When adopting the German Shepherd Wolf Mix, it is imperative that you learn more about the species used on the cross.

Overall, the German Shepherd Wolf Mix can grow into friendly breeds that fit well into the game time.

Over time, it is possible to stay in the same house with the dog owner and other pets. However, due to their strong bait drive, it is advisable to keep your dog away from small pets such as rabbits, hamsters, and cats.

Wolf hybrids jump a lot and generally do not respond well to inanimate objects, loud noises, new people and rapid movements.

Are wolf-dogs aggressive?

Although the race is very intelligent, training is a very difficult task and requires patience and perseverance.

Until the dog becomes a puppy, he will not exhibit wolf-like traits but as the dog grows older you will notice a change in behavior.

As the dog reaches their adolescent stage, their hormonal system begins to experience changes with the onset of maturity, resulting in more common wolf breed behavior and temperament.

These big powerful dogs are devastating. If you leave your dog unattended for many hours he may go into a frenzy.

In some cases, your dog will display a stable wolf like traits. Unfortunately, no matter how much time you spend training, the dog is devastating, distant and frightened so you can’t do much.

Another major concern for wolf dogs is whether or not they can be trusted.

How to buy a German Shepherd wolf mix breed?

You can find many places where the German Shepherd Wolf is mixed.

The majority of these mixed-breed puppies are the wolf husky father and the pure German Shepherd mother or vice versa.

In the USA, you can find lists of German Shepherd Wolf Mix puppies in Puppy Finder.

The Dog Breeder directory is also available, where you can find offspring of this breed and many other breeds.

When buying a puppy make sure the mother and father of the mixed breed are tested for any inherent disease.

German Shepherd wolf mix

DNA papers containing all health test reports should be checked before buying children.

The German Shepherd Wolf Mix is ​​priced at around $ 800 and for this cost puppy.

If a breeder cannot provide you with all the documentation and test reports of the parents, do not buy puppies from such breeders, as they are mostly fake.

A breeder should be careful and he should really care about the breed and monitor its dog breed for any genetic disease.

He provides all healthy food and takes care of all the health issues of his dog breed.

German shepherd Wolf Mix Nature

It is not difficult to tell about the nature of any German Shepherd wolf breed and what is the nature of any mixed breed?

What is the origin of dogs so important to determine what nature is? You can search and find out what are the temperaments of different breeds of dog breeds.

Signs of temperament can be determined only when your German Shepherd Husky Mix is ​​18 months old. This is the maximum time when the puppy’s hormonal system begins to change.

The puppy is now coming of age and this level is very high in temperament and behavior. This is the time when you really notice the behavior because it is clearer than before.

Socialization and training are two important elements for the German Shepherd Wolf Mix. You can make yourself a puppy or adopt any lifestyle along with other family members accordingly. Wolfdogs may acquire more, wolf-like features as they reach adulthood.

The main concern so far for the wolf mix breed is that they are not reliable. You have to be patient during training. Puppy period is not difficult but most symptoms show up after this period is over.

German Shepherd Wolf mix size and specifications

Wolf Dogs have excellent hearing abilities and are sensitive when it comes to moods and great hearing abilities.

This species has beautiful shiny brown eyes. The German Shepherd Wolf Mix usually has a thick coat and a long body. This coat can be found in many colors,

German Shepherd Wolf Mix Black Dog Most Wanted. However, the color range starts from the grid sable to white and / or black.

German Shepherd Wolf Mix weighs 60 to 120 pounds. Size and weight also depend on age, diet and genetics.

The German Shepherd Wolf Mix size is small. To get a better understanding of this mixed breed the wolf and the German shepherd are described separately.

German Shepherd

Height: 22 – 26 inches at shoulder

Weight: 75 – 95 lbs


Height: 26-34 inches at shoulder

Weight: 50 – 180 lbs.

The German Shepherd Wolf Mix breed dog grows up to 24 inches, which is smaller than the pure German Shepherd dog.

Living conditions

Due to their wolf-life tendencies, the German Shepherd Wolf Mix is ​​not a great choice for families with small children and pets, hamster, rabbits and cats.

Caring for a wolf dog is expensive because you need to make sure there is a fence in your yard.

The bored animal is vulnerable to destruction, so fences must be safe to keep the dog from running away.

Large dog breeds can easily clear a 6-foot fence without much effort so be prepared to spend time and money building a proper container when modifying the fence.

A free fence enclosure is a great place for your pet to turn around and play. The premises should have a double gate and enough vegetation to provide shade for the animal.

However, there should be no trees or bushes because the dog can easily climb up and escape at any time.

Wolf dogs are social animals and can easily get bored, so adopt another dog companion to give your pet some company.

It is recommended that both dogs be kept facing the fence until they are accustomed to each other.

German Shepherd Wolf mix Feeding Tips

Do not feed your wolf dog traditional store-bought dog food rich in carbohydrates and artificial preservatives.

Instead, they need a diet high in protein. Wolf dogs are especially fond of bison and elks, but since the ingredients are hard to find, you can even make them with raw chicken, turkey and beef.

You can feed your dog uncooked bones. Raw and whole bones are an excellent source of calcium and other vitamins and minerals that will keep your dog healthy.

Keep in mind that your dog should have vegetation and fresh grass to help with digestion.

is German Shepherd Wolf mix good with children?

Many pet owners fear that the wolf will adopt the dog because of the number of child deaths due to the breed.

Under no circumstances should you overlook your child with German Shepherd Wolf Mix.

Young children usually do not understand what it means to be sensitive and not doing so can cause pain on the animal without meaning to.

This may cause the dog to return to his wolf-like tendencies to protect himself.

German Shepherd Wolf mix Exercise requirements

As mentioned above, the German Shepherd Wolf Mix is ​​a powerful dog breed, so they need 1 to 2 hours of exercise every day to stay mentally and physically healthy.

Allocate an hour or two for a long walk, depending on your dog’s age and genetics. It is also recommended that you allow your pet to roam around the fenced yard free to explore and play.

German Shepherd Wolf mix Training requirements

The wolf dog needs training persistence and patience. Take your dog to public places where they can roam around while training.

Before you begin the training process, it is essential that you get acquainted with your dog’s psychology and have a good idea of ​​what your dog generally likes and dislikes.

Wolf breeds are not for the faint of heart, as dog owners must have considerable knowledge in establishing and maintaining the alpha position.

Therefore this breed is not recommended for average pet owners.

Although the German Shepherd Wolf Mix can be successfully trained, it is important to assume that their wolf instincts can enter at any time.

Keep training sessions short and if your dog looks tired, it’s a good idea to call it a day.

If at any time the dog decides not to follow your rules, he may try to reassert dominance.

The pet owner must be well versed in dog psychology so the dog knows you are the boss.

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