German Shepherd tested positive for Covid-19, the first case of a pet dog with a virus in the US

German shepherd Covid 19

The German Shepherd dog is believed to have been infected by Covid-19 by its owner, who also tested positive for the virus and is expected to make a full recovery.

A German shepherd in New York City has officially become the country’s first dog to test positive for the novel coronavirus, the US The Department of Agriculture announced June 2.

The dog is believed to be infected by its owner, who is also tested positive for the virus and is expected to be fully recovered. A second dog in the house has not shown any symptoms, but USDA officials said antibodies were found in the dog.

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There is no evidence so far that pets can spread the virus to the public.

The dog is showing signs of respiratory illness after its owner tested positive for the virus. A private veterinary laboratory initially tested the dog and found a positive result.

The second phase of testing was done by the National Veterinary Services Laboratories of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) confirmed the laboratory result — the standard procedure treatment will be given to the dog for the positive case of COVID-19 in an animal.

A tiger, lion, and 4 cats have also tested positive for COVID-19.



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