Why is My Adult German Shepherd dog acting weird?

If you observe situations like dog acting weird in your daily routine, you may be wondering why and what it can do about it. In this post, I’ll show you why dogs can start acting weird and what you can do about it.

So, why is my dog ​​behaving strangely? Causes such as illness, injury, being in a new environment, the problem with its diet, change in daily routine, abuse or boredom.

There are actually many reasons for your dog acting weird and it may be due to a combination of them.

However, there are also many things you can consider when identifying the main cause and there is a lot you can do about it.

Why your Adult dog acting weird?

Adult German Shepherd dog acting weird

The following are common causes for dogs to start acting awkward and may be the reason why yours is doing it.

Illness or injury

The reason is that it is an illness or an injury. If it suddenly starts to work weirdly, it shows crying, hiding, other signs of illness or injury or it is too much if it is too active. If illness or injury is found to be the cause, taking it to the vet is the best option.

New climate

If you have recently adopted your dog, you are not sure about its new environment. In this case, it should start to improve over a period of weeks or months.

It helps to give positive attention in the form of training, exercise and play. If it does not improve it may help to get help from a vet or dog behaviorist.

Stress or depression

The reason for doing this may also be that something has been stressful recently. It can be stressful if it starts behaving weird after an incident.

Such incidents may include the death of the owner or another pet, the addition of another pet to the family, or the relocation of homes.

In this case, it should improve over a period of days or weeks. It helps to give positive focus through training, exercise and playing with it. If this does not improve, it may be helpful to seek help from a vet or dog behaviorist.


There may be a context in which something causes fear. At times when there are fireworks, sirens, or outside construction work it is too much to do.

In this case, it may be helpful to try to eliminate the frightening content or desensitization training if possible.


Dogs are usually meant to exercise on a daily basis. When dogs do not get enough exercise it can behave strangely and that may be why yours is doing it. It’s too much if yours starts behaving weird from getting less exercise.

Diet problems

It can also be said that there is a problem with its diet. It may be eating things that should not be, not getting the right nutrients in its diet or eating too much or not getting enough of it.

It’s too much if it’s starting to work weirdly since a change in its diet or eating what it should not have.

In this case, it helps to consult with your veterinarian about its diet when you see them, make sure no one else has fed it and you can look here for advice on what to feed it.

Encourages behavior

Behavior can also be the context in which you encourage it by giving it the items you want when it behaves that way. If you give feasts, toys or extra attention, when it works awkwardly, it may cause you to do more to get more gifts.

Instead, it helps to encourage you to behave the way you want to by giving a gift when it shows signs of behaving that way and to follow the other tips below.

Someone was abusive

The reason may be that someone is abusing. If it suddenly starts to act weird, it’s too much if you miss some people or if you know someone has been aggressive towards it recently.

In this case, it helps not to be put in a state of being abused again and to be given positive attention on a regular basis.

If its behavior does not improve over the course of days or weeks, it may be helpful to seek help from a dog behavior expert.


The reason is that it can hear unpleasant sounds. This is a lot more if you can do more at certain times when construction work or fireworks are out.

In this case, it may help to reduce the noise level or use desensitization training.

Change in its routine

Dogs generally like to have a consistent routine and cause them to behave strangely when their routine is damaged.

This may cause yours to behave strangely. It’s a lot more if you start doing this since it’s changed its routine.

Changes may include walking at different times, feeding at different times, or waking up at different times.

Separation anxiety

Another reason for this is the division concern. This is most likely if you are left alone for a long time and start to worry when you leave.

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In this case, it helps to try to keep it alone for as little time as possible.

Humble behavior

If your dog has been misbehaving recently and you are mad at it, your dog will behave strangely because it will be submissive.

If it is trying to prevent you, it is too much if it shows other signs of submissive behavior and it hurts.

What to do about your dog acting weird?

Below are some options you may have when your dog behaves awkwardly.

Take him to the vet

If it shows signs of illness or injury, it has been acting that way for a long time or is behaving very strangely, the best option is to take it to the vet. By doing so, you should be able to rule out medical reasons and seek expert advice tailored to your particular dog.

Get help from a dog behavior expert

If there are no medical issues, getting help from a dog behavior specialist is another option. By doing so, you will be able to see why it behaves that way and how to stop it.

Avoid encouraging that behavior

As mentioned above, you are encouraging behavior by giving it the objects it wants when it works that way. Instead, it helps you to be rewarded when you behave the way you want to, to avoid behaving awkwardly before giving a gift, and to give positive reinforcement training.

Make sure he is getting the right diet

It also helps to ensure that it is eaten properly, that no one else eats it, and that it does not have access to things it should not eat.

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