Chicken and Rice Diet for Dogs when got Sick with Diarrhea

When your dog is not in good health, it may be advisable to put your puppy on a chicken and rice diet for a few days.

This is a great way to fix their stomach, restore their appetite and get healthy quickly.

While this may seem like an easy task, most loving foster parents feel misunderstood and suffer without helping their dog friend.

Chicken and Rice Diet

In this article, we will start with everything you need to know about feeding your dog chicken and rice, when, and why.

We will also look at what kind of chicken and rice to use, how to make it, and how much chicken and rice to give your dog by weight.

Finally, we will look at some alternatives to chicken and rice as food for sick dogs and when and why you might want to consider these options.

When to feed your dog chicken and rice?

Your vet will tell you when to put your dog on a diet of chicken and rice, often referred to as the Blonde Diet.

Your vet usually refers to this food when your dog is:

  • Vomiting for six hours or more
  • Suffering from persistent diarrhea
  • Has severe gas or constipation
  • Decreases appetite
  • Recovering from surgery or serious illness

Chicken and Rice Dog Food Recipe

When you are ready to make this recipe of chicken and rice for your dog, be sure to get the right ingredients.

You want to use boneless, skinless chicken breasts to keep the dish easily digested, without skin or bones.

For rice, stay away from brown rice that has more fiber than your dog needs. White rice is delicate enough to help the digestive system get back on track.

Next, avoid the temptation to add spices for yourself and your family members, as onions and garlic are very toxic to children.

Also, stay away from any oils or butter.

Let the chicken have its own taste- trust us, your dog will love it!

Once you have everything ready to go:

  • Boil 2-3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts in water until completely cooked, then remove from the broth.
  • Use a rice cooker to cook 1 cup of uncooked rice, or boil 1 cup of uncooked rice in a chicken broth.
  • Boil chicken.
  • Allow the rice and chicken to cool before feeding your dog.

Once you have your ingredients, mix them up! The rule of thumb here is to mix 1/3 part meat with 2/3 part rice.

Now that you have your chicken and rice diet ready and you are ready to feed it to your pooch. Make sure your dog does not have more food than he normally eats in a day.

For a large dog that normally eats 4 cups of food per day, start with a mixture of 1 cup chicken and rice.

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The next day, give another cup and continue until your dog is fed regularly, although do not be surprised if your dog eats less until he feels better.

Similarly, for a little doggo who eats only 1 cup of food per day, start with 1/4 to 1/3 cup of the mixture.

The rules are the same for puppies who need a chicken and rice diet, but consult your vet for the specific needs of your growing furball.

Always see how your dog is. Since there is no tomorrow they can melt the chicken and rice, what happens after they eat, it will let you know their feeling.

Strictly follow any veterinarian’s instructions and take your dog to the clinic if symptoms worsen or persist.

Your vet will give you tips on how long to give your dog the Chicken and Rice Diet and it is best to reintroduce your dog to regular food, but this usually comes in 2-3 days to a week.

When you start including your dog in the regular diet, be sure to mix small amounts with chicken and rice first, gradually increasing the normal diet and reducing chicken and rice for several days.

Now you may have observed that you have a whole jar of broth. With a mixture of chicken and rice, you can feed it to the dog and even save some to drip on their food later. You can freeze in ice cube trays for a cool and delicious treat.

Your chicken and rice mixture can stay in the fridge for up to four days or in the freezer for up to two months, so don’t worry if you make a large batch!

This delicious dish works not only on children in the environment, but also on dogs that are not in their normal diet.

It’s a great addition to a regular, healthy diet as a wonderful treat.

While your dog may feel good when eating chicken and rice every day if you decide to make it a part of your dog’s regular diet, be sure to include other dog foods that provide all the vitamins and minerals your dog needs.

It is also recommended give grain free dog foods after the recovery for some days.

Human Baby food as an alternative

Human baby food is also a good alternative because it is also designed to be easily digested.

One of the Stage II type meat-based foods that you can safely feed your dog.
This is a reasonable alternative if your dog has an allergy to chicken.

But always check all the ingredients to make sure that no spices or condiments are added in the diet.

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