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can german shepherd be good with other dogs

Are German Shepherds Good with other Dogs? Germanshepherddog.info

German Shepherd compatibility with other dogs
German shepherd Puppy feeding

German shepherd Puppy feeding Chart: 1 Month to 12 Months

We call it the German shepherd Puppy feeding Chart because, though your dog appears to be fully grown from the age...
German Shepherd Dog

Adopting a German Shepherd Advice

Adopting a German Shepherd Dog is good to go and GSDs are so devoted to their owners, and it is quite...
Digestive Disorders in German Shepherd Dogs

5 Common Digestive Disorders in German Shepherd Dogs

Digestive Disorders in German Shepherd Dogs: German shepherds make excellent pets, but, unfortunately for themselves and their owners, they often suffer from...
Pale Gums in Dogs

Pale Gums in Dogs: Top Reasons and what to Do about it?

Pale Gums in Dogs: The color of your dog's gums tells a lot about their health and any changes may be...
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