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dog bite another dog

How to Treat a Dog bite another Dog?

Dog bite another dog is one of the most common reasons dogs see their veterinarians for emergency appointments is a bite wound....
why do dogs have pink noses

Dogs with Pink Noses: why do dogs have pink noses?

Dogs with Pink Noses: Black beautiful nose is a feature of beloved dogs and it is the most common color you...
dog eats frog

What Happens When a Dog Bites and Eats a Frog

Dog bites and eats a frog generally when they roam around the compound, where they encounter small creatures that have taken over...
American German Shepherd vs. European German Shepherd

European German shepherd vs American: Quick Facts

Did you know that European German shepherds are different than American German Shepherds? The former is from European lines, the latter...
dog vaccines

What vaccines are required for dogs while taking out for grooming?

Vaccines are required for dogs to maintain a safe, comfortable environment, we want all pets to be present on their vaccinations...
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