Solid Black Czech German shepherd from Puppy to Pal

Czech German shepherds, or Czechoslovakian shepherds, originated from the Czech border and were primarily raised as DDR German shepherds and Solid Black Czech German shepherd is one of the most unique and fearful dogs by looks among these canines.

What is the Czech German Shepherd?

The Czech German Shepherd Blood Lines emerged in 1899 as Communist Czechoslovakia’s border control arm of the Czech army – government working dogs for the Pohranichi Strait. Czech breeding began in the kennel in 1955, when Max von Stefanitz saw Horand von Grafrat – the first officially recorded German shepherd – at a dog show and decided he had the best qualities to be a working dog.

Emerged in1899
First Czech German shepherdMax von Stephanitz saw Horand von Grafrath
First Officially Recognized1955
BreedWorking Line

The Border Control Division of the Czech army maintained dogs that bred Czech German shepherds to protect the country’s borders. Dogs are bred primarily from DDR German Shepherds (also known as East German Shepherds) with strong nerves, masculinity, work ability, obedience, intelligence and dark complexion.

Czech German shepherd

Both Czechoslovakia and East Germany have very similar blood lines due to the DDR bringing both German Shepherds and Czech German Shepherds under the former Soviet bloc; However, the two canines are not identical, although they do refer to each other.

DDR vs. Czech German Shepherd

The DDR vs. Czech German Shepherd issue is well known for its many similarities.

For one, the two species are technically the same blood. As mentioned earlier, they are also of the same origin.

Solid Black Czech German shepherd from Puppy to Pal

However, there are noticeable differences between the two and it serves as the dividing line between DDR vs. Czech German shepherds.

Here are the important differences between the two:

  • DDR German shepherds mature faster than Czech GSDs.
  • Czech GSDs have more drive and are less reliable to the point where they become obsessive.
  • The bone structure of DDR German Shepherds is thicker than that of Czech GSD.

As you can see, there are also differences in their nature (drive), physique (bone structure) and growth and development (maturity).

However, keep in mind that the above differences are generalizations.

This means that some dogs show some symptoms and some do not show any symptoms at all. However, the Czech German shepherd has similar characteristics to the standard German shepherd.

The appearance of solid black Czech GSD

Solid Black Czech dog breeds have common German Shepherd characteristics. They have strong jaws, a thick skull, and angled ears.

Czech German Shepherd Height and Weight Chart

Height: 60 to 65 cmsHeight: 55 to 60cms
Weight: 30 to 40kgWeight: 22 to 32kg

Czech GSDs are police dogs and therefore have a powerful structure. Unlike standard GSDs, they have thick feet and a deep chest with fearful red eyes and black hair patterns.

They often have a thick black coat with an Agouti pattern. The thick black coat makes them look like a wolf.

All About Czech German shepherd Puppy

Czech German shepherd Puppy
Czech German shepherd Puppy

Czech German shepherd puppy will also have a similar physical appearance as standard German shepherd but in the meanwhile, they grow stronger and heavier.

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