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Lesley is a passionate pet nutrition enthusiast. She has worked in the pet industry for over a decade and loves to share her passion for animal welfare with others.

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Panting in dogs

When Panting Is Abnormal in dogs | Signs of Serious Health Issues

Panting in dogs: Almost all dog lovers know why their furry friends break out after the summer heat has subsided, but...
is pedigree good for dogs?

Is Pedigree Good for Dogs? Especially large breed dogs

Pedigree is a worldwide popular dry dog food starting from puppy to adult dogs that are widely available across the stores...
Akita German shepherd Mix

Akita German Shepherd Mix Explained in Fewer than 500 words.

Akita German Shepherd mix, so-called Shepkita (Registered on the International Designer Canine Registry.)  is a crossbreed between Akita and German Shepherd dog.

Hero German Shepherd from Alabama vies to be country’s top dog in American Humane...

A mother's response to a reunion with her lost child - found by Kosse, a German Shepherd rescue dog - is to...
Yellow Dog Poop

Yellow Dog Poop: Causes and Remedies

Dealing with dog poop is a daily occurrence for dog owners, but Yellow Dog Poop is something different.