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Lesley is a passionate pet nutrition enthusiast. She has worked in the pet industry for over a decade and loves to share her passion for animal welfare with others.

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Urinary Tract Infection

How to Spot Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) In Your Dog?

Have you experienced Urinary Tract Infection in your dog before? If you identify that your dog is suffering from persistent pain...
can dog eat black pepper

Can Dog Eat Black Pepper? Is Black Pepper Healthy?

Can Dog Eat Black Pepper? What happens if he eats food that contains spices, especially black pepper? Is it safe for their...
Introduce Baby to a Hyper Dog

Tips on How to Introduce Baby to a Hyper Dog

Introduce baby to a hyper dog: It is said that a family is complete when the almighty bless them with a...
dog ticks

How to Remove a Tick from Your Dog’s Body

Dogs are highly prone to tick bites and tickborne diseases. Vaccines for tick-borne diseases that dogs can get are not available and...
Akita German shepherd Mix

Akita German Shepherd Mix Explained in Fewer than 500 words.

Akita German Shepherd mix, so-called Shepkita (Registered on the International Designer Canine Registry.)  is a crossbreed between Akita and German Shepherd dog.