5 Signs that your Dog has fever – Symptoms and Home Made Treatment

Dog Fever

Dog fever may be very common for the pet owners with aged dogs at their home because they might be experiencing these conditions from the puppyhood itself and they might already get good information on how to act on it.

The case will be completely new for the first time pet owners and also for those who have puppies at young age. Like how we humans behave and feel little tired and exhausted when we have high temperature. In the same way dogs also will feel sick and they look little uneasy and dull.

Here are the 5 typical signs your dog will give you that he is sick

Interest towards Food

A normal healthy dog will have his meal with in 20 to 25 minutes and that should not take more than 45 minutes. If you observe that your dog is not showing interest towards his meal, it’s time to check his body temperature and make sure the temperature is between 99F to 102F. If you see the temperature is more than 102.5 degree F, then it’s time to contact you vet.

How active is you dog or Puppy

Dog Fever
Dog Fever

Puppies with normal temperature will feel very much excited and would jump on to their owners, if they were separated for more than an hour from their owners. However a dog that is sick may not show that level of activeness even after seeing his owner. The sole reason for this may not be 100% fever but there are high chances that the dog is sick.


Animals struggling with infection may feel tired. All their reserve energy is allocated to fighting. Their bodies use energy and resources for the war they are waging, so they often do not want to engage in their normal activities. Sluggish animals may be seen lying around or they may not find much because they have found a cool place to stay.


If you think your dog is sloppy, especially if he has any specific signs of vomiting, diarrhea, cough, sneezing, or nasal discharge, he may have a fever and need a trip to the vet.

Warm Touch at the bottom and Paws

Your puppy may feel very warm when you lift him or when he lay down on you. The lower body will not have much hair and direct skin can be seen and so the warm feel of your puppy is also a good sign to identify that your puppy is sick and has body temperature above normal.

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Bathing your dog

Dogs love to play around the water once after they get habituated to take showers and they enjoy the playtime and always feel excited to have a bath but the dog with temperature would refuse to take bath and sometimes even he may aggressive if you force.

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Homemade treatment to lower the temperature and precautions to take

At this time your dog won’t have a proper taste sense and would reject anything your offer. That can be his regular meal like dry kibbles and water and also sometime even a tasty cheese slice as well.

Ice Cubes

Give a small piece of ice cubes and make you dog to lick that to make him feel little refresh and also it will rehydrate your dog.

Ice Cream

Dogs would love eat ice creams no matter what, even the dogs with high temperatures will love the taste of the ice cream slice. As a dog owner and out of my expertise I prefer a vanilla flavour as it may not have other harmful ingredients in it.

Your Presence

Make sure you stay with your dog for more than half of the day and keep him engaged with some cold treats like ice cream and play with him.


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